Monday, October 09, 2006

The days feel like years when I'm alone

So I was thinking today... (yes I do that) And I was thinking about jobs, ok, I was thinking about winning the lottery and then about jobs. There's a couple in Ft Dodge that won (I think) $240 million in the state lottery a couple weeks ago. And they said they were gonna keep working. This led to me thinking about Third Watch, there was an episode once where all the cops (I think) bought lottery tickets, cause it was a huge lotto. And at the end they read the numbers, and Bosco and a whole bunch of other people were in a bar talking. At the end Bosco was saying that there was one winning lotto ticket that wasn't turned in (he had thrown away the ticket without looking at it), and said that if he had won the lottery he'd keep working, cause he loved his job so much. I want that. The love of a job, (and a guy like Bosco).


frhe sjgg said...

Third Watch was the greatest ! I loved that show. I wish they were still doing new episodes...

Thanks for the comment on my blog today on the Blonde story. I think.

I love my cop. He is my hero.
I'm not really going to apologize if my fantasy offended you (because it was my fantasy - and I didn't know you were going to come by, now did I ?)

But, on Saturdays my blog is dedicated only to the good, clean-cut admirable professional, on-duty things about cops and what they do...

So it's probably the best day to go visit my blog (that and Sundays, where I thank everyone who has commented on my stories that week).

So I hope you come visit again then !

Hope you have a good week, WW. And have fun with your blogs -- I loved the police car pictures on Sweet Rides !

Anne Elizabeth

(there was no e-mail address to send you mail directly...)

WW said...

It wasn't supposed to be taken as I was offended, sorry if that's what you thought. I know on the internet it's not always easy to tell.