Monday, October 30, 2006

In the arms of the angel

A little more about my argument with dad, if you don't care, you can leave.
So this morning when I left, there was an envelope with my name on it in his handwriting. When I opened it, there was $20 in it. Now, of course I'm taking and spending the money, what I hate is that my dad thinks he can solve this by throwing money at it. Not gonna happen, write me a note or something, cause I guarantee I'm not speaking to you for at least a week or so.
And it's not the fact that I had to mow the leaves (that's a stupid reason), it's that my parents have so much power over me, because I live in their house, I rent an apartment from them, and I have to follow the rules. If I had the money, I wouldn't live there. I just hate how they bend their rules and its ok, but if I do its horribly bad, and not allowed. That's what I hate. And I think part of their rules, is (are) cause they know they have no say over my life, and this is the tiny way they can have control. I know they hate my tattoos, hell my mom said she'd pay to have one of them removed. And I know they are slowly getting used to the idea that I love bikes and riding them. I think they just hate that I'm not their good little girl anymore.


Carrie said...

It sucks being dependent on your parents, especially financially. My parents used to pull shit like that all the time, and it drove me crazy. It's really not fair, and I hope that if I ever have kids I won't use money as leverage.

Brent said...

Not to lessen your message, which I understand, but you can throw as much money at me as you want.

WW said...

Yep, that was my thought. I'm very low on money right now, so give me as much as you want, but that doesn't mean this problem is solved