Sunday, October 29, 2006

Good love's gonna shine

So, I had to mow the lawn today (probably the last time this year), that didn't bother me. I have to do it anyway. I have a contract (more spoken than written, though if it were written we wouldn't have this problem), that I have to mow the lawn to help with my discounted rent price, but they like to change it on me, so today I got to mow the lawn and the leaves, which takes twice as long, cause you have to keep stopping and empty the bag. Anyway I got in a fight about it with my dad, I was soo pissed (actually I still am), it didn't bother me so much the fight, but he had to do it when dream guy was walking to work (so not only did I miss out on seeing dream guy go to work, but I lost a argument with my dad in front of him). I really wanted to just jump on my dad I was so pissed. I really don't mind mowing the lawn, I hate it my parents have so much power over me. If I had the money (well I'd give myself the thing I want, but if I couldn't do that) I'd move as far away from parents as I could, and never come back, never call/write them.

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