Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bouncing like a bubble in your head

Any health professionals out there? Or anyone know anything about health related stuff? I'm trying to decide what to do with a blister I have. I went walking barefoot on Mon, cause it was nice out, and about 3/4 through my walk, I felt something painful on the bottom of my toe, when I went to pick it off (it's usually a tiny rock or seed), I found it was a blister, and most of the skin covering it was off already, so I pulled the rest of it off (yes I know you're not supposed to do that), and I had to cut my walk short cause it was stinging so much, stuck my flipflops on and went home. Well yesterday it was still stinging, and the wierd part being it was still spewing pus (which is what blisters do when you pop them), but that usually doesn't happen to me after I've taken off the outer covering (hehe that sounds wierd). And it's really red, kinda like it's bleeding, but it's not. Today when I looked at it, cause it's still hurting, it kinda looks like there's 2 tiny tears in the skin. Now I'm wondering if maybe one of the spiders I unhoused on Sunday (when I took out my AC) bit me. Because when I woke up on Monday I was ubscenely (I know that's not spelled right) warm like I had a fever, but of course I dont' have a thermometer, and I've felt like that Tues and today when I woke up. Course it's been kinda warm lately, so it doesn't look weird that I'm wearing cooler clothes. I've also had a sore throat since Sun, but it's gone today, and today I'm really tired, even though I've had my usual amount of sleep. I've also had some nice chest pains, in the vicinity of the heart, but I figure that doesn't mean anything. I don't know maybe I'm just being a hypochondriac (that one might be spelled right)
In other news, it's midterm time now (meaning all my classes are giving tests so we know if we're passing or not), so that's about 2 weeks of tests on various days, already had one in Phil (got a D), Enviro Soc (C), got one tomorrow in Police and Society, one next Tues in Criminology, and one next Wed in Social Psych (I've already had one test in there, and quizzes, believe I'm getting a D). I need to receive a C or better in Environ Soc, Police & Society and Criminology, I only need to pass Social Psych, and well Phil's just an elective, so I don't really need to pass but I'd like to, for my final grades.
And I'm low on money AGAIN. I've already spent too much on my credit card for the month, my cc month is the 18th to the 18th. But I bought groceries the other day and 2 X-Men 3 DVDs, one for me and one for my brother's B-Day (he already knows he's getting it, cause I called and told him not to buy it for himself). And because I'm having them sent to two difference locations I don't get the free shipping, even though the order is over $25 before shipping is added. Plus I spent money for food items since the 18th of last month.
I believe that's the end of exciting shit happening in my life (course if there was more I wouldn't have to think about it).

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Carie said...

Hmm, I would was your foot really well and put a band-aid on it (preferrably with antiseptic). I heard that fevers make you feel like you're cold (even though the skin is hot, though I haven't had a fever in years so I'm not sure), so you probably don't have a massive infection or anything. I wouldn't worry about it too much, but if you still feel crappy in the next day or two I would go to student health.