Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In the Walmart parking lot

I figured it out. If you've been reading me lately (actually not lately but I have touched on this topic before), I'm very annoyed with being single. That and I've never had a boyfriend in my lifetime (I did have a first love, but I'm not quite sure now if it was love or lust, and he moved away). So I figured out this morning why no guys want to go out with me. I'm a boring person. I decided this while I was getting dressed, I really don't have anything exciting to wear. I don't have wild hair, all I wear is jeans and T-shirts most days, now that's its getting colder, I put sweatshirts on top, not that they help flatter me. But, I don't have much to show off, I am part of the breed of women who is tall and flat, as in my breasts are very small. I did have someone tell me once I have nice long legs, but since it takes awhile to shave them, I usually don't, and that's why I wear long pants (even in the 100+ degree heat we get in the summer). I have glasses, though they aren't really ugly ones, I happen to like my glasses (which is part of the reason I don't get contacts, the other part being I don't really feel comfortable sticking my hand in my eye to put them on, course I've never done it, I'd probably get used to it after awhile). And as much as my friends will deny it, I do have a tiny flab of stomach when I slouch (which is most of the time). Because I am tall (maybe not, but it sounds good), I'm skinny, I'm about 5'8" 120 pounds. If I had a pic I'd post it, I'm not a big fan of having my pic taken (that could be cause my mom's a freak with a camera). So by looking at me, I'm not exciting. And I'm a firm believer in that if anyone says they don't pay attention to looks, they're lying, cause something has to catch your eye in order for you to become interested in someone.
Now, if we're going below physical looks and into interests, I guess you could call me interesting. I love Marines, the military, and cops, in that order. I am a big sucker for guys in uniform. If you view my Hello guys site much, you know I mostly post pics of guys in military uniform. If I ever see a guy in Marine dress blues in person, I would probably melt. And if anyone disses my military or the cops in my town, you better not be near me, cause I will not be able to control myself. Just keep those feelings to yourself.
I love cars, if you view my Sweet Rides site, you know that as well. Mostly cars from the mid- to late 60's, and some early 70's. I am so sick of meeting guys that don't like cars, or don't know the differences between cars. It's not that hard, they don't all look the same, yes, some are similar, but... Or I meet the guys that are partial to one make so they have to like whatever sportscar that make puts out. Like the guy I went out with at the end of June, told me he was a Chevy guy, so he had to like the corvette. Yes, the corvette stingray, is my all-time favorite car, but I do like to look at other ones as well, I will not wrinkle my nose because I see a late 60's Ford Mustang on the street, just cause it's not a Chevy.
I love bikes too, for all of you that don't know, those would be motorcycles, if you didn't know that until now, don't even bother asking me out. I love to go on rides and will go on as many as I am able UNLESS its a crotchrocket. Now, it's not just cause it's a crotchrocket (and if I have to explain a crotchrocket to you, like I said, don't bother), it's cause all the people I've met that ride/like crotchrockets are into them for the speed. Yeah its nice to go fast every once in awhile, but just cause something goes fast doesn't mean you have to push it to it's limit. I would be more happy with a nice cruiser (again, I'm not explaining) out in the back roads of Iowa enjoying the scenery, than whipping through a town, or the interstate/highway on a crotchrocket. Also, one other thing, I really don't care if you wear a helmet, but if you have one and it's hanging off the back of your bike while you're riding, don't bother. I have my own, and I will wear it on all the rides I can, I'm pretty partial to it, not that I won't ride without it (if I can't go home and get it, and you're offering me a ride, I'm going on that ride), but I'd rather have it, I find it hard to keep my eyes open when we're out in the country with the wind. One other thing I love about some bikes are the paint jobs, some bikes have the most intricate designs on their gas tanks (also other places, mostly gas tanks though). I love flames, I'll explain below.
I also love planes, not passenger planes, fighter planes (something else you'll see on Sweet Rides), like the F-18, F-16, or the Stealth, I also like some of the fighter helo's such as the Apache, and Cobra. I enjoy aircraft carriers and sailboats as well.
I like tattoos as well. Not the ones that completely cover someone. No, I like detailed ones but I also love tribal. Not names, personally I think that's one of the biggest mistakes that people get in tattoos, how do you know you're gonna love that person for the rest of your life? Though if you explain its a kids name, that makes sense, no lovers though. I have 3 tattoos. Double W's on my right front hip, a tribal flame armband on my upper right arm, and an outline of a panther on my left forearm. These all are very close to my heart, I would never (and I give this advice to friends) get something that I haven't thought long and hard about, that's just stupid, if you got something cause everyone else did. Stupid reason. If you got something just cause it's your school mascot, stupid reason. The only time that would be OK is if you liked it before you went to that school, during your time there, even though it was the mascot, and will like it for the rest of your life. My W's are my initials, they are what I sign my artwork and my poetry with, and if you look on my motorcycle helmet, I carved them in there too. I love flames, painted on most anything (kinda weird cause I'm not too partial about the real thing). Cars, trucks, bikes, etc with flames makes them at least 10% better. And the cat, I love the cat. Cats (certain larger ones) are soo powerful, aggressive, and yet still look so graceful when they move. The way their shoulders move when they're walking along the ground.
I'm a huge fan of action movies. I've decided (and mentioned here) that 80% of my movies are action movies. I may have one or 2 comedies, I have a bunch of Disney movies (mostly cause I took them from my parents when I moved out) and quite a few fantasy movies. I'm a big fan of fantasy. I have all 5 seasons of Angel on DVD, I have the Labyrinth . Plus I love fantasy books, I have pretty much the whole set of Xanth books by Piers Anthony, I believe it's around 20 books if not more. I have read The Chronicles of Narnia, unfortunately I haven't seen the movie yet. I also love His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman, which I found out is becoming a movie (while searching for a website for you all), I'm so excited I was mentioning to a few people the other day that this is the fantasy series I would love to see in a movie, and with all the stuff they can do nowadays, it might turn out good. As we all know, it's much better in our imaginations. Mostly I'm a fan of they mythical fantasy worlds. But NOT Harry Potter.
I have hinted a little bit at my art and poetry, but I'm not gonna share everything with y'all. Otherwise what would be the point?

Or the other thing could be cause I'm too available, my social psych teacher touched on that today.

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