Monday, October 23, 2006

Give me a tin roof, front porch, and a ground below

OK, so if you know me, I complain a lot. But that's just so I can let it out, if you don't wanna read about complaints go away.
So I've been debating whether to do this for awhile, I think partly cause I'm freaked someone in this class will find me on a site most college students of this town frequent and look me up and then make their way here. But I've decided to complain, because these people need to get their heads out of their asses and realize the world does not revolve around them, it revolves around me, no just kidding, I've seen other people that are bothered by this too, so...
The only class I have that's really big is my Psych 280 class, social psychology. It's in this really big auditorium, I'm guessing there's about 300 people in the class, or at least registered for this section of the class and come frequently. Anyway, the auditorium is kinda split in half with a walkway between the two halves, and the floor gradually slopes down to the front, with rows of seats on steps. And in these halves are sections of three, a right side, middle and left side. I have been sitting in the middle of the front half for all the classes I've ever had in here (course throughout my 4.5 years, I've only had 3 classes in here). And I've found throughout the course of this semester who to avoid sitting beside/behind. There's one set of a chick and a guy, where the guy has his computer and proceeds to do stuff online and talks to the chick beside him. Sure he takes notes, but he mostly talks to the chick and shows her stuff online. So they're noisy.
Then there's this Air Force guy (who I thought was cute, until I figured out he smokes), and he has to sit in the seat so his legs are right up at the back of the seat of the person in front of him, so everytime he moves, the person in front of him can feel it. Very annoying.
And then today I had 3 people sitting behind me, a guy and 2 chicks, which were a helpful combination of both. This in itself is annoying, because one of these chicks last week on two days made a big deal about shutting people up when the professor was talking, but it's ok for her to talk. Hypocrite. And today she kept making these really annoying loud sighs. I really don't care if you're bored in class, keep it to yourself, or better yet, don't come. There's a novel idea. Cause she was complianing about the powerpoint slides my prof had up there, saying they weren't in the ones posted on the website (which they were there, cause I had downloaded mine a couple weeks ago and was looking at them), that's a good thing if they're not all there, that gets people to come to class.
And I have no idea why the guy sitting next to me came to class. He wasn't bothering me, so that wasn't bad, I just don't know why he was there. He was reading a book for another class, and then halfway through class he pulls out his laptop and starts listening to music. So, I know he wasn't paying attention at all.
Thankfully, this is the only class I have this problem in, all my other classes are of 30 or less people. And yes, I did see other people glaring at the people behind me today, so it doesn't bother just me.

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