Thursday, October 12, 2006

I like smoke and lightening

As most of y'all know I love my TV shows. Currently my schedule is Amazing Race, Cold Case, Without A Trace, The Unit, Bones, Justice, Survivor, CSI, Supernatural, Men In Trees, Cops.
My post title comes from watching CSI tonight, they had a group of kids that would beat up people (I forget their term for it, something with fannies, because they were supposed to be tourists), for fun. And I know that it's fiction, but people take what's going on in the world to create their stuff. Like I know Eminem says something about it in one of his songs/raps (yeah I listen to Eminem, fuck off): "But I'm glad cause they feed me the fuel that I need for the fireTo burn and it's burnin and I have returned" from The Way I Am. Course I could be interpreting it wrong (it's been known to happen). He's saying that he takes stuff from the news and raps about it and then (earlier in the song) he says how the media/political figures, etc blame it on Marilyn Manson and other rappers, when these rappers are actually just taking stuff from the media/real life. It's just a huge circle. Anyways, in CSI, Grissom (the head guy, for those of you that don't watch) was saying at the end (when Sarah, Catherine, Warrick and Nick are in the locker room, saying who was to blame, blaming the city, Las Vegas, and the lack of parenting) that none of them were putting the blame on the kids, that their moral compass can only point them in the right direction, not make them go that way. I just don't understand why anyone would beat someone up just for fun. Is our world so fucked up that kids/people can't distinguish real life from video games and movies? I know I watch a lot of action/violent movies, and you don't see me going out and doing the things in them. Hell most of my movie collection is violent movies (if you look at a previous post, you would know.), I guess I'm just trying to understand stuff that I don't understand. I will post more on thoughts of my other TV shows in another post. I was just so upset with tonight's CSI that I had to rant.

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Brent said...

Sit down before you read further.

I don't watch TV. I haven't watched TV, except for CNN or other news, for years. I find it a bit ridiculous. Not that I'm bashing people who do. I just don't seem to find it entertaining anymore.