Friday, October 06, 2006

Dirty Old Men

Or perverts, or something else, call them whatever you like.
So, I'm chatting with Goddess while I'm here in a 'cafe' enjoying my lunch break. And there's this old guy (it just doesn't sound right if I say not old), about 50 or 60? I'm really not a good judge of age. Anyways, I was saying how guys with combovers don't look good. And then I moved on to telling her about what I was watching him do. He's sitting with his back to me with a younger lady, she could be 20's or 30's (like I said, not a good judge on age), and she's heavier. Anways, she's writing something on paper, and this guy is watching all the college girls, my age (early 20's) walk by. One in particular he really like had long legs, nice and skinny with a mini skirt on. And he watched her walk by and take a turn down a hall way. There's another girl that's sitting in front of him at a table with (I'm guessing) a tank top and a hoodie sweatshirt on top, that he continues to look at, now I know this, because when she turns to look at him, he turns his head quickly, as if he wasnt' looking at her (only the guilty do that). He did turn around and wink at me earlier, now every time he turns around, I glare at him.
Now I know there are these guys out there, but does one have to sit his ass in front of me and show me he's a pervert? So, I guess it's better he's sitting in front of me than in back.
He did just watch some chick walk the other way, so he had to turn his head to watch her (the lady he was with went somewhere, so he was able to do it with out her knowing). That just bothers me in so many ways.

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