Sunday, October 22, 2006

But nailed to the tree where we were supposed to meet instead

Has anyone else heard Nickelback's new song, Rock Star? And am I the only one that doesn't understand why they're singing it? I mean, hello, they're already rock stars, why sing a damn song about it? Kinda like Gwen Stafani's If I Was a Rich Girl, you already are, why are you singing about it? I was thinking about that the other day (Tues, coming home from the ILEA), and I figured it doesn't really pay off to think deeply about songs. Kinda like Chasing Cars, does anyone actually chase cars? Me and a friend were discussing this, and she asked me if I had been chasing cars lately, and I said no, unless there was a good looking guy driving, to which she replied, well that's a given. And then I got this picture of me actually chasing (on foot) after a car.
Anyways, I was watching TV today (yeah I do that when I'm bored, it's better than eating when I'm bored, course I do that too...), and a commercial came on for Corel plates. Very funny, there was a fashion show with models walking down a runway, and a voiceover comes on telling you that they hired supermodels to walk down a runway to show off the new Corel plates, and to show how sturdy (not their wording), they are, we greased the runway. So, the model falls and the plate bounces off the runway. I found it very amusing. I could be the only one.
Alright, in an earlier post, I said I was going to discuss my TV shows, this will be that post, so it might be kinda long. I was thinking today how there's another blog I read that talks about their TV shows, and I was thinking how I didn't really care and I skim over those, but then I realized that I just have to deal with it. We all pick what we're gonna post about, usually something that's happening/meaningful in our life, and if whoever is reading it doesn't care, they don't have to read it. So, if you don't care about my TV shows, you can stop reading right here. I won't be offended, course I won't really know either, my stats just show me how long you were here and where your from. Speaking of that, I wanna say Hi to whoever the hell my regular from the Inktomi corporation in New York and California is, and fucking say hello back dammit. OK, onto the TV shows, in order of viewing pleasure. Sunday: The Amazing Race (CBS), Cold Case (CBS), Without a Trace (CBS). Tuesday: The Unit (CBS). Wednesday: Bones, Justice (FOX). Thursday: Survivor, CSI (CBS), Supernatural (KCWI). Friday: Men In Trees (ABC). Saturday: COPS (FOX). Looks like Justice is moving to Mon nights, in case anyone's gonna check these out.
Amazing Race, If you live on an island secluded from everyone else or don't watch TV (Brent), this is a race (obviously), usually groups of 2 that have a previous relationship, race around the world doing things to get to the pit stops first. Generally the last team to the pit stop is eliminated, and in the end, the winning team gets a million dollars (I never really remember how much money people play for). I find this show the most interesting of reality shows just cause the things they have to do, are usually things that are done in these countries. So, they're kinda experiencing other cultures, and kinda not cause its a race and people are trying to finish as quickly as possible. This season I'm not too excited about the couples, the one I was rooting for has already been elimintated. It started out with (ones in bold are left) the Bikers, the models, the beauty queens, the gay guys, the southerners, the one-legged chick and her trainer, the Muslim guys, the Indians (cause they were from India), the Asian brothers, the cheerleaders, the bitchy couple and the black moms. I was rooting for the bikers, so now no one really intrigues me, I just don't want it to be the bitchy couple or the one-legged lady, just cause they are annoying.
Cold Case. This is a cop show about (guess) cold cases, old cases that are still open (unsolved). I got hooked on this one when there was an Asian couple that was killed while their child was in the next room. I remember that cause there was this great song at the end. See after they solve the case, one of the detectives sees a ghost of the dead person(s) at the age they were killed smiling at them (like they're at peace now), and they always have good music in it. This one had Send Me An Angel by The Scorpions.
Without A Trace. This is a group of FBI agents that look for missing persons that disappear 'without a trace'. I've got more hooked on it this season, half cause it's right after Cold Case, and my TV's on, and cause ER's not on at the same time. It used to be on after CSI on Thurs nights.
The Unit. A special Army unit that's dispatched out to certain missions every week. I just got hooked cause it's a military show. And if you know me, you know I love the military. Only thing I don't really like, is they don't really follow up on the stories. Like last years season finale, they had the group with wives get shot at at a reception, well this season they just started up on a mission, nothing about after the shootout, when you were shown that one of the guys was shot.
Bones. A show about an anthopologic forensic scientist that works with the FBI when they find bones of bodies and need help solving the case. I originally started watching this cause David Boreanaz stars in it, I used to watch Angel, where he was the star, an off shoot of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. And since I was in cultural anthropology last year when it started and we were looking at bones, I believe that helped. It's actually pretty neat. But sometimes you have to have a strong stomach. They had an ep a couple weeks ago where they found the body in a bathtub, someone had poured chemicals on it, to dissolve the body, so the liquid mixture was the body. It was kinda gross. But I didn't mind.
Justice, if you read Goddess, you've heard about this. It's about a defense team that proves their client is innocent and then in the end shows a synopse of what really happened (or what they think happened, cause I wonder some times). I like this, unlike most trial/lawyer shows, because it focuses more on the investigative work, than the trial process. I really don't like lawyer shows.
Survivor. A group of people get put in the middle of nowhere and have to 'survive' to the end to get a lot of money. I used to hate this show, just cause everyone loved it, that's me. But there was a repeat of one of the eps on a Sat night at 8pm, right when I was flipping through channels after COPS was done, so I got sucked in. Plus it's funny to see what people will do for money.
CSI. Crime Scene Investigators investigating cases. This is the original one in Las Vegas, the best one. I remember getting sucked in when they had a group of people kill a guy on an airplane. It was wierd. And they are weird and interesting and gross altogether.
Men In Trees. A life coach finds out her fiancee is cheating on her and goes to live in a tiny town in Alaska for awhile. Another one of Goddess' finds. Very interesting. I almost wish I could do that. Go away from life to a tiny town where no one knows me and just live.
COPS. I really don't need and won't explain this.


Goddess said...

Nickelback sings that song so they can convince themselves they haven't changed since they've reached stardom. We all know they have, but they need to convince us they're regular Joes....who are filthy rich.

John B1_B5 said...

"I wanna say Hi to whoever the hell my regular from the Inktomi corporation in New York and California is..."

Hi there. I get regular visits from the Inktomi Corporation (in Sunnyvale, California)too!
I don't know whether they're 'spying' on me(haha), or whether they find my Blogs so INTERESTING, they just can't stay away! John B1_B5 (in Canberra, Australia).

salty said...

inktomi in sunnyvale regularly visits me as well. probably contracted to scan online postings for whatever reason - gov't post 9/11 stuff, or maybe just marketing.

I bet you'll find they visit most bloggers - good way to keep civil dissention to a low

Anonymous said...

Here's something from their site:

"Sunnyvale & Foster City, CA -- March 19, 2003 -- Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO), a leading global Internet company, and Inktomi Corp. (Nasdaq: INKT), a leading Web search provider, today announced the completion of Yahoo!'s acquisition of Inktomi. "Bringing together a powerful combination of Yahoo!'s global audience and unmatched breadth and depth of services with Inktomi's leading search technology, will allow us to create one of the most relevant, comprehensive and highest quality search offerings on the Web for both our affiliate partners and Yahoo!," said Terry Semel, Yahoo! chairman and CEO."

So if Inktomi is seaching your site, it means an internet search could include your blog/website in the results. Inktomi is a web search provider... so they search to provide results. This one happens to be owned by Yahoo. I found your blog when I googled Inktomi!