Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This is not how you want it to be

In case you haven't been following along, or you don't live in my mailbox, I'm graduating college in Dec. I got a letter from the Office of the Registrar today giving me a timeline of stuff I have to do before I graduate (other than pass all my classes), and I'm still trying to decide whether I'm excited or not. Also if anyone knows or has a job that I can have after a graduate, that would be nice. I'll have my Bachelor of Science Double Majors of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies (Criminal Justice). Are we excited yet?
So, I donated blood last Thurs, anyways I got a letter in the mail from the blood center today. They do all these tests on your blood when you donate it, well they said I tested postive for the Hepatitis B antigen, and they said it means I either was exposed to the Hep B virus in the past and recovered, or its a false positive. Which of course means they can't use it, which kinda sucks, but I wouldn't wanna put anyone else at risk. Kinda leads me to wonder what they do with that blood, hmmm I wonder how many vampires they can give it to. Anyways I'm trying to figure out if there's anything that would be wrong with me that would make the test a false positive, cause I don't ever remember having Hep B (I'm sure it would be something I would remember).

See all the interesting stuff I get in my mail?


Carrie said...

That sucks. I know someone who donated plasma once, and a few weeks later they told him he tested positive for syphilis (it was a false positive). Now he can't donate anymore.

Goddess said...

Female Offspring #1 was really glad when she was old enough to donate blood because my husband did it all the time until he got diabetes. The first time she tried to donate they couldn't find a vein, so she wasn't able to do it. A few days later she went to another drive and was successfully able to donate there. She was really thrilled and proud.....until she got a letter in the mail saying that since she donated so closely together (she hadn't donated at all the first time), they were going to destroy her blood.