Thursday, October 12, 2006

Truth or consequences, say it aloud

All right ladies, you have to go here and buy the calendar. I guess the guys can buy it for their ladies, I bet you'll make them extremely happy. It's a calendar of Marines (very yummy ones), it's only $15 and the money goes to disabled veterans, pays for bed, prosthetic limbs, etc. What a better way to spend your money, and a great thing to get for your money.
I stumbled upon this when I went to set up my tape for Survivor tonight. Cause we're getting our driveway paved and the guys that were doing it were very yummy looking (not that you could see that much of them since it's like 30 degrees out, but I was entertained, in more than one way). Anywho, that was why I was late setting up my VCR. So I go to set it up, and you know there's that millisecond between pushing the menu button and when you turn on the VCR, well it was on CBS, and the Today Show was wrapping up, and they had military, which I learned seconds later were Marines, which makes the everything so much better. Anyways they were talking about this calendar and I think you all should buy it.
So go HERE, for a very yummy calendar
And go here for a nice interview on the Today Show. Oh those are yummy guys.

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