Monday, October 02, 2006

Stuck between 10 and 20

Oh crap, it's only Monday, and I'm tired, not a plus. Course some of that could be because I had to be up extra early cause Mom scheduled the pest control guy to come at 8 in the morning. So then I woke up early, and I decided cause it was nice and warm, I was gonna shave my legs all the way up (I don't think I've ever done that), anyways, so I got me a new shaver blade in my razor and started at it, but I forgot what happens with new shaver blades, so I lost me some skin and a little blood too. I was gonna wear a dress today that showed my legs (hence the shaving), so after I tried on three, and then I decided I would wear a skirt, and finally settled on the usual jeans and a T-shirt.
So, yesterday I took out my bedroom air conditioner and then it got to 80 degrees yesterday, and I'm thinking about that warm today as well. Of course that would happen.
I'm either getting old or stressed, cause I've found a couple of white hairs on my head, what does that mean?
OOO so there were a bunch of cops waiting for me when I got home (no, there wasn't a warrant for my arrest), and they all came in, turned on some music and started stripping, no wait. Someone sent me a couple CDs full of cops that was it.
Ya know, I remember having more to say, but I don't know what it was.

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