Monday, April 30, 2007

Thank God for turnip greens

Nice to know no one missed me. Course it's only been a week, maybe I shoulda waited longer. There's nothing exciting going on here. Had the electricians come on Fri to do the central air work. I've heard the air conditioning guy is coming back today, but he never talked to me, and no one reminded me last night (which they usually do when someone's coming up, just in case).
Saturday, Karli and I went to the Hog Roast at the local Harley store. I should have taken my camera, I know. With the combination of good looking bikers and bikes, oh well. It was fun, but very painful, as I haven't been out on a ride yet this season. Course the weather makes it feel further into the season than it is (Season starts April 1st, so we're only 1 month into it). Then we went to Panera's for snack (kinda funny since we just ate at the Hog Roast) and a drink, those I.C. things, very good. I ordered one that I thought wouldn't taste like coffee, it still did, but it was kinda like a mudslide, the more I drank it, the less it tasted like coffee, plus the coldness kinda throws it off. And on the way back home a big group (OK not really big, only about 10 bikes) rode past us. It's so painful to hear those pipes and see the bikes and not be on the back of one.
So, then I went on a walk when I got home. Unfortunately all my shoes/sandals give me blisters. So, I took my sandals off about a half-block from my house (bad idea), got about 6 blocks from home and could barely walk. Of course I had to work Extreme Fighting that night. Which, I don't get why people want to watch that, just people beating the crap out of each other, I don't get it. Course I wasn't inside, so maybe that's part of it, I'm thinking not from what I heard from ushers. So, standing on my blistered feet for 6 hours made them not hurt anymore, I'm still trying to figure that out. It was a very poor turn out, we had about 1100 people in the house, with 90 presold tickets. There were so few people, that almost all the ushers were dismissed early, and there was only 1 person at each door. They cleared out the balcony and told people they could sit on the floor if they wanted too. Got home about 12:30 from that and went to bed.
Sunday, I got to mow the lawn. Then me and pig sat out and enjoyed the sun. But, I decided it was too hot for her (it was in the 80's and I can just imagine how hot that's gotta be in a fur coat), so we went back in, not long after we came out. Because it was so warm (it was 86 in my apartment), I spent the rest of the afternoon, sitting on the floor watching TV. It was just too damn hot to do anything. Today promises to be in the upper 80s again.
Figured out that I have known my favorite hott cop for 10 years today. Decided not to email him about it, cause it might be a little stalkerish. Like I need that. Wow, I feel old.

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Carrie said...

I missed you! Yesterday I got back from my weekend in the twin cities, and one of the first things I did was come here to see what you wrote over the weekend.