Saturday, April 07, 2007

And I'll earn your trust making memories of us

You know, just once I'd love to see someone own up for what they did instead of lying to the cops. I'll hold my breath.
Boston, MA: Officer Mark Sullivan, Officer Joseph Marrero,
Lowell, MA:
You think I was just here for no reason?
There’s two people in the damn van, you buddy and someone else, but you don’t know who through the bottle, what a fucking liar
Sigh, there was this beautiful bike in the background when Officer Coutre was talking to the victims about what happened. Damn, I wish the cameraman had moved off of the cop and on to that bike, cause it was a beauty.
Palm Springs, CA:
They’re using Yahoo! IM’s when chatting with these fucked up people.
I gotta find me some high-powered binoculars like that, think of the things I could see…
I love it how the guy lies but he sticks his actual photo in his IM as his icon, jackass.
Why do they always say “Seriously?” No jackass they want you to lie, how stupid are you?
Brevard Co, FL: Deputy Justin Gould, FTO Brad Bellflower,
Why would you get a yellow Lexus? No normal person gets a car in yellow
“You got weed on your lip” Oh, shit that was funny. Next time, ya might wanna clean off your mouth before you get out of the car. Maybe that’s why he was playing ring-around-the-fuel pumps at the gas station. Idiot.
Drugs up your ass, that’s gotta be comfy. I feel very sorry for the cops that have to reach up people’s asses, you couldn’t pay me enough…
Hamilton County, OH: second hott deputy
Go “Mr. Big Man” flipping off the cops and starting a fight, then he ends up crying. Nothing good comes from drunks.
I know Deputy Gould is from a rerun, but I never gave him an award, and it's my award and my blog, my rules, I can break them whenever I want.
Deputy Justin Gould
Brevard County, FL

So, I saw another commercial for the new show Drive, Goddess was telling me it looks dumb, that’s not the reason I wanna see it. It’s got some sweet ass cars in the commercials, course there’s gotta be a little something more to keep me hooked. Case in point: Supernatural, with their sweet Impala, course the hott guys don’t count against it, or the fact that I like the ‘supernatural’ part of it. Also, Angel drove a nice car in his show.

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