Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I won't tell no one your name

Since its been warm lately I've been going out on walks again. Well today I went barefoot, apparently I should have started on shorter walks before doint the whole thing barefoot because I now have blisters on the bottom of my feet, including a blood blister on one of them. Oh well, I can handle sneakers until they heal. I also apparently didn't pick my foot up when I was walking and skinned my big toe, that's very painful, its that nice raw skin meets the air pain. Sigh.
Course I'm also showing matching slices on my ankle bone from shaving yesterday. It wasn't even a new shaver blade. I tell ya, something is against me lately.
So, I was watching TV tonight and I had my windows open, I heard some people talking outside, so I wandered over, just to look. There's 2 women standing there talking, one of them has a dog, which is proceeding to dig in our flower garden and eat things. Then they got mad at me for asking them to stop the dog. WHAT THE FUCK?!? Course they decided to move along too, so if the dog was gonna do it again, it wasn't gonna be in my yard.

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