Friday, April 06, 2007

Are you a deer hunter?

So, last night I learned something that pissed me off and upset me so much. I decided that there can't be a God who would do this to someone, and if there is we're gonna have a talk when I die. I need an explanation, I know I'll never understand, but I need someone to try and explain it to me. I've always said, music keeps me sane. It's helped me through so many times, last night I turned it off, I needed something that wasn't in the music, and I couldn't listen. I wanted to just zone out and have someone wake me from it. I just wanted to get away. Borrowing from Sodapop (and probably a number of other people), I give a Fuck Off And Die to God.

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*Goddess* said...

It's upsetting when stuff like this happens, but I've never subscribed to the theory that God makes things happen to people. It's like when there's a hurricane, people immediately say, "Why did God let that happen?" Because we have this little thing called "free will". We're making our own choices and our own way. He won't stop the bad from happening anymore than He would stop the good. But people never seem to think about Him when the good happens.