Monday, April 09, 2007

Those people hungry

OK, so I'm watching this new show on NBC, Thank God You're Here, where there are comedians that are thrown into a set they are never seen and they have to improvise with the other people on the set. Now, it's pretty funny except that they give away a piece of plastic "award" and the host has to chat with the comedians before the get into their skit, and the judge chats with them after the skit. If they just cut that all out and only showed the little skits, it would be waay better.
Its been pretty funny so far, I'm surprised my dad hasn't called to see what all the noise (me laughing hysterically) is about. Since his 'entertainment room' is below my living room.

UGH, so I have some fun little chest pain when I breathe (and subsequently when I laugh), it's real fun.
Today, was my I don't give a damn day. I was gonna just sleep the whole damn day, but that is hard. I made it to 9:30, that's AM. Sigh. So, I haven't gotten dressed yet (it's 21:12, 9:12 pm for all you normal people), have been sitting in front of my 2 computers and the tv all damn day.

I got a call from a place that was looking for a secretary (I think?) and they said my background education would help for a position talking with kids at a troubled kids home. (so much for relaying this easy to y'all)

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