Tuesday, April 17, 2007

mmm melted plastic

Two nights of going to bed after midnight and getting up at 7 am are not working for me. Sunday night was my fault, I got caught up in watching TV. I had to watch the Amazing Race, and then Cold Case, and I sorta got sucked into Without A Trace (That seems to happen every week). I wish they would start finding people alive again. It's so much nicer with the happy ending. And then I was taping Drive (new show on FOX), and I watched it afterward. I like it, I was originally just gonna watch it because of a sweet car from one of the commercials, but the story lines are kinda cute: there's the husband racing because his wife was kidnapped by the race people, the guy racing after getting out of prison, the father racing because he's only got a year left to live, the mom racing to get away from her abusive husband (I'm kinda guessing on that, they only hinted at it), Army guy and his wife she wants to win so he doesn't have to go back to Iraq, And of course they all have partners: husband with some chick whose parents were in the race when she was young and died, prison dude with half brother to get back at dad, father with daughter, mom with a chick she was supposed to 'eliminate', and Army guy with wife. It's pretty interesting. So, I was up til about midnight Sunday doing that.
Yesterday, I had to work the Jason Brown concert, he's a new country artist, it was a special thing for FFA. It was supposed to be a short call, we were supposed to be done by 11:30, but in our meeting beforehand, we were told that if he liked the crowd he would play 2 or 3 hours instead of the 90 min, and then at the beginning of the concert he made the announcement that he would stay until he gave everyone an autograph. I love it how people don't think about others. I don't care if you people want an autograph I wanna go home at a decent time. I usually don't mind working that late, but we're usually informed when we call in that we will be working that late, not just because the performer's being an ass (like GnR). Thankfully we didn't have any problems, he played for an hour and 45 minutes, then signed autographs, til I'm guessing we left.
Lessons I've learned:
1. Not to leave plastic on the toaster oven when you're using it as an oven.
2. My smoke detector is in working order
3. Milk becomes chunky after a certain time.
Anyone interested in some chunky milk?

I was woken up shortly after 7 this morning to dream guy riding home from work on his bike. Jackass. I've noticed that he gets annoyed when people do shit that wakes him up (he's on night shift, so sleeps during the day), but its ok for him to ride his Harley when the majority of the population is trying to sleep. Some people are such hypocrites.

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