Sunday, April 01, 2007

Save me from this nothing I've become

I'm so in the dumps lately. I think it has something to do with me not taking my walks since Thurs. I know walking's good for you, but it also lifts my spirits, I know it has something to do with endorphins which make you happy. I don't know, look it up.
Anyways, I didn't take my walk on Thurs or Fri because the electrician was supposed to come at 2, and then I just waited until about 5, hoping he'd still show up. I didn't go out for one yesterday because it rained practically all day. Today, I'm thinking about wandering over to Karli's cause I wanna drop off her b-day present (her b-day was March 7th, I haven't seen her since March 2nd, and she said she didn't want it early).

So, last night I had a great dream, featuring Dream Guy (no nothing sexual, you people have dirty minds). We chatted, something I wish I could do with him all the time. I wish he were a friend, sigh. So, a For Rent sign popped up in front of his duplex this past week, but I think it's for the people on the 2nd floor (or at least that's what I'm telling myself, so I don't freak out). Course I won't really know until Aug 1st (when the leases flip over here).

No post for cops last night. It was an hour of repeats and I went to the student-run fashion show, and I didn't feel like taping an hour of reruns. Also, I've decided to cut back on my statuette awarding. I'm only giving them to people on new eps (sorry Officer Pilutik). I'll still comment on the old eps if I'm watching, but I won't be awarding the statuettes to officers on the old eps.

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