Monday, April 23, 2007

Red hot

For all you people that like Pizza Hut pizza, stick this on your calendar for next week. Free Slice of Pizza Hut Pizza on May 1st May 1st is National Pizza Day at Pizza Hut..Free slice of Pizza May 1st is National Pizza Day at Pizza Hut They are giving away one slice of pizza (cheese or pepperoni) per personbetween 3 and 5pm.
UGH!!! I'm so stressed (not that you can tell it by looking at me), I have less than $300 in my bank account, my rent is doubling on the 1st of May, my credit card bill is on its way, and I don't get paid for my part time job until after May 1st. I have $10 that's supposed to last me, I don't know how long.
And my list of shit I need to buy keeps getting longer and longer. Found out today, I need new shoes. Apparently the heels in the ones I have now are pretty much gone. I got home from my walk today, took off my shoes, and my sock was bloody, guess I got a blister and rubbed it bloody and open on my walk.
I wish I could just

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Carrie said...

It seems like whenever you (the general you, as in nearly everyone) have money, you don't need anything, but when you're running low, suddenly everybody wants a piece of your bank account (the landlord, the phone company, the dentist, etc) and everything starts breaking or needing replacing. It sucks.