Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You're dead and broken

Stupid, stupid me. I had one damn thing to do today, and I fucked it up. My dad told me to set out the lawnmower and the snowblower, so they could get picked up and tuned (and all that shit, they're storing the snow blower til Oct) at 10 today, I woke up at ten and didn't remember til about 10:30, to which I grabbed a coat slipped my boots on and went outside. So, if they're sitting there all day and don't get taken care of it's all my fault. I'm such an idiot.

In other news, I got two new CDs in the past 2 days, Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson, and Faceless by Godsmack. Funny thing is I knew more of the songs on Breakaway, I've listened to it once since I got it (only the songs I know), but with Faceless (which I received yesterday), I stuck in my CD player and haven't stopped listening to it since (I only knew 3 of the songs). Especially weird cause I'm not really a heavy metal person, I just like it because Yahoo picked out Serenity once and I got hooked on that song.
A couple things I tripped over on my blog readings. Some southern hospitality here. And some cop support here.

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