Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm so afraid to love you, more afraid to lose

Why do people believe that because I'm sitting next to them, they have to look at me? I'm glad I'm so interesting to you people, when you should be paying attention to class. Cause God forbid we pay attention to the professor. I don't mind if my screen saver is up, cause that's kinda the point of my screen saver, it's not for me to stare at, I know what's in it.
Which brings me to another point, why do people not want their laptops to fall asleep while they're in class? It's actually good for the computer. See, the whole point of a screen saver is so, what's on your screen doesn't get imprinted on the screen, and the whole point of a computer falling asleep/hibernating/going into standby is for it to save power, which is good. Most likely, you're computer's running on battery power so its conserving its power. But oh no, if that screen goes blank it's very very bad.

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