Saturday, September 02, 2006

there's never a wish better than this

Ah, another exciting day in the life of me. I won't take any offense if you don't consider it exciting, hell it's pretty hard for me to consider it exciting, CAUSE IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE.
Let's see, slacked off this morning, walked to a local bakery and bough $14 worth of pastries, yummy shit, that may last me a couple days. Slacked off a little more, started some intriguing reading for my criminology class.
I'm so sick of my parents calling me and deciding that I'm gonna rearrange my schedule to do something for them. It's so annoying. My dad did that on Wed night, he's trying to hook up a wireless connection at the rental property, and was having troubles with it, so he asked me to bring the laptop over to help. That was on Sat, and then he found out we had to physically connect to the modem to figure out the prob, so he asks me when is good for me, but doesn't tell me if we're gonna do it then, or give me a time. So, on Wed, about 5:30, he calls me up and tells me I'm helping him with the modem (like I don't have other things I'm trying to do, I'm already behind on my reading, cause I slacked off last weekend, and well I was trying to get some other shit done for the next day), so I went over there, found out I needed to install the modem on my comp, but had to go get my CD drive (cause it's external, my laptop's nice and thin), and of course my CD drive doesn't always like to work, and of course this would be one of those times. And then today, he calls me at 8:30, which was OK cause I was already up and doing shit, but I would have been really pissed if the phone woke me up. I'm doing this (more or less) voluntarily, god forbid you work on my schedule, when I'm fully awake and dressed. And then this afternoon, he told me I was going to the grocery store with him, this is actually not too bad, cause he always buys me food when we go grocery shopping, but I had just started my reading, and it's kinda hard to get in the mood to read boring textbooks, so when I'm in the mood I like to finish what I have to read. And then, I got a nice shower walking home, cause I was carrying 5 bags (him 2 and a 12 pack of pop), and it was pouring. That wasn't too bad cause after we got unloaded, I went back out and soaked up the rain. Now if you know me, you know I love the rain, I've been kinda bummed this season, cause it's been raining a lot at night when I can't enjoy it, so I'm taking every chance I can get. And on with the boringness of my day, ate aupper, watched TV, and came back home to read my email. Where I was pleasantly surprised. I got a nice comforting email from my friend, Patch.
I met Patch, I believe when I was in middle school, that's about 10 yrs ago now (where did the time go?), through AOL instant messenger, and we've obviously swapped tons of IM's, and emails, and I've had a couple really nice phone calls with him. I wouldn't really know what to call our relationship, just that I know it's more than friendship. Anyways, he keeps telling me that he's gonna come and visit me, but it seems like I keep getting my hopes up, only to be disappointed yet again (I've gotten very used to disappointment, though not always from him, actually some of the cops I know started it, sadly). Sometimes I wish he would just drop everything and come, but as we all know, there's shit that gets in the way. So, anyway in this email he told me he might be able to make the trip. And I really wanna believe him, but...
And tomorrow, I get to run away and spend the day with my extended family. Not a bad thing, but I have to spend 4 hrs in the car with my parents, 2 hrs each way. Not so much the most fun in the world. If I pick the right music, we should be ok.

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"If I pick the right music, we should be ok."