Friday, September 29, 2006

I read the hymns, and kinda, sorta sung along

So, I have a test today in Phil, and we had a review session on Wed, and one of the chicks started arguing on a piece that we had already covered in class earlier. It was so annoying, I just wanted to tell her, We covered this already, maybe you should have been in class that day. Because she was arguing the same shit that we had talked about in class already. I hate it when people do that, especially when we're reviewing for a test, it's annoying as hell.
Cell phones: yeah, some people on them bother me
We have a policy in the library (if I've already written about this, I'm sorry, deal) where you have to take your cell phone outside and talk, because it's one giant room and everyone can hear you. We don't care if it rings (Ok we care, but we're not gonna yell at you), and you shut it off, but once you start talking on it, and keep talking on it, it bothers us (and probably a few other people). Well this new chick comes in on Tues, and she's sitting at the computers, and her phone rings, and she starts talking on it. So, I glare at her, usually if they're not new that does the trick. Unfortunately it didn't work, so I go over to her and say she needs to take it outside, she gives me the "one moment" sign, and then continues to talk, but not for very long and hangs up. Then she snipely (hope that's spelled right) tells me I didn't know, to which I reply there are signs around (there's one on the door when she came in, at eye level, there's signs on all tables, and there was one sitting in front of her), then she says they're too small (I was thinking maybe you should get your glasses checked). Later she goes and sits at a carrel (individual student study areas), and then a guy comes in and sits beside her, a short time later, his cell rings, which he picks up and starts talking on (cause apparently she can't tell him about the policy), and he hangs up like the minute before I reach him, but I still tell him next time he needs to take it outside. They were back yesterday, with no cell calls.
I'm sitting in a cafe on campus here (also a big room), and there was this chick talking on her phone, nice and loud of course. And I wasn't the only one glaring at her. That's what I do, I consider it rude to ask them to quiet down (not like it's not rude of them to talk so damn loud, but...)
I generally don't chat on my phone if it's an imp conversation, at least not if I don't have any privacy. I don't mind so much if it's my parents, but I think I talk pretty low. At least I've never seen anyone glowing at me.

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