Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lookit the hotties tonight

OK, so quite a few hotties on the season premiere of COPS tonight. I'm sure if you go over to Goddess' site, she'll have pics for ya. Well, that was a very exciting first segment, the officer pulls over a red camero for a cracked windshield, and as he's talking with them, a car hits this guy on a bicycle. And if you don't know it's coming, it's just BAM! and it happens, hell it's even bad if you know it's coming. In the second one, in Palm County, FL, a guy catches another guy sleeping with his wife. It sucks (I bet), that the guy got caught, but then all of them signed the release to have their faces shown on cops. WTF?
And the third one in Martin County, FL, a couple detectives get some info on a guy with crack cocaine, and you can tell he's a crack dealer, cause he's got multiple gold rings, a nice looking gold watch, gold earrings, and a few gold necklaces/chains, plus his tons of money, none of these go with his look of the Latino (I think that's the PC term) in a tank top, with a straw hat riding a bicycle. And he's got a container of rock down the front of his pants and he calls it candy, yeah right. So, they test the rock (candy) and the detective says "it tests positive for cocaine, you're candy, so I guess we can call it candy you're the candy cocaine man".

Second episode:
First segment: Sheriff's deputies pull a car over at a gas station, under suspicion of a drug deal, then find out the passengers don't have seatbelts, plus there's open containers in the car. And who answers their phone when they're being detained by the cops?
Hott Cops tonight: From Martin County, FL: Detective Danny Cunningham, and the K-9 guy, but they didn't give us a name
Palm Beach County, FL: the guy standing behind the black kid at the end.
Palm Springs, CA: Officer Anthony Pilutik
Chattanooga, TN: Officer Aaron Williams, Officer Derrick Pendergrass

And the Hott Cop Statuette goes to Deputy Jarrod Foster from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Dept in Florida.
By the way, I had a hard time deciding between Officer Pilutik, Officer Pendergrass, and Deputy Foster tonight, but Deputy Foster won cause of his ink. Plus, ya can't really see much of Officer Pendergrass tonight, he was on maybe a couple seconds at the beginning of the last segment.


Anonymous said...

I think Officer Pilutik should have won!!!!

Officer Pilutik
Palm Springs CA


WW said...

And if you had visible ink, you probably would have too.
I finally got a celebrity to comment on my site, thank you.

Carissa said...

Forget the ink... Did you see how fast Deputy Foster ran. The bad guy didn't stand a chance. That's Hott Cop material!