Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bringin' some attitude.

So, the cops people finally took my advice, and (though unofficially) made a Hott Cops week. So, here ya go:
From Palm Beach County, FL: Deputy Rick Santos; Chattanooga, TN: Officer Derrick Pendergrass, Officer Pete Miller; Palm Springs, CA: Officer Anthony Pilutik.
Chattanooga, TN: Officer Brian Lockhart, Officer Chris Sims, Sgt Barry Burns; Pittsburgh, PA: Sgt. Craig Campbell; Spokane, WA: Officer Brian Eckersley, Officer Kurt Vigesaa.

Why do people always say they don't have anything illegal in their vehicles and the cops can check wheny they KNOW there is? You don't have to let the cops search your vehicle. They can't legally search it if you deny the search unless there's something in plain view.
Also, how come the drugs magically appear?
And by the way, I proved on my birthday that you can say no to a stranger when they ask if you want a ride. It can be done. Course I'm not a prostitute and the guy could have been trying to be nice, or maybe he just wanted some of my alcohol, either way, my ass wasn't getting in that car.
I am never gonna understand why people shove needles (or anything else, for that matter) up their ass. Out of all the uncomfortable places to shove stuff. And then to have a cop (I'm really sorry that has come to be in your job description) pull it out. It hurts just thinking about it.
Also, you might wanna know how much drugs make it so you are able to be arrested. I love the conversation between Officer Pendergrass and the passenger in the green truck:
Officer P: Half a joint and a little bit of marijuana
Bearded Guy: Out west they just give you a ticket
Officer P: Well, go back out West, You're on the East Coast now man
I love that.

Alright, I've giving out 2 Hott Cop Statuettes tonight (cause I couldn't pick between the two).

One for Officer Pilutik, cause he was too young to buy his gun and ammunition when he was hired, no wait, that was just a perk of the evening. ;)

The other to Officer Pendergrass. I know I enjoy watching him, and he reminds me of my guy, course he was also on both eps tonight.

And because blogger's being stupid (and I forgot to add these yesterday), had a little problem getting you guys' statuettes up. But I finally did.

And as I type this, we've got a thunderstorm (and lightening, this thing is really going), so I'm feeling for my guys. I hope they don't have to get out in this, cause I know those rain slickers don't help a damn bit.


Brent said...

Well, we don't do the job because people love us.

WW said...

Of course not. I'm not stupid. You do it cause you love the job.