Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gonna feel like hell tonight

So, it's been an OK week. Monday, nothing exciting happened. Tuesday, got me a nice 20 min ride in the middle of the day. Wed, nothing exciting happened (ok something did, but it's not gonna do anything for me if I talk about it, so you don't get to know, and it was more nervous than exciting). And today, got me an almost 2 hr ride. Yeah, it was pretty damn cold, 55 or lower, even with my leather, the lining, a sweatshirt and a 3/4 sleeve shirt. It was mostly my legs and arms that got cold. But it was sweet. My buddy kept asking me if I was cold, but I wasn't gonna complain, there's nothing I could do about it, so why bother. And I tell ya, at the end, my legs were getting painful. So, I took myself a nice warm shower, you have no idea how nice that felt. And tomorrow, I get a free lunch (with my mother, but my friend's coming too, so hopefully she won't be as bad).

So today, my bosses were talking about the SWAT team and that guy in Colorado. I hate it how people are always judging cops for the actions they take. I never get in those conversations, I just won't do it. I've never been in any situations, and I don't feel it's right to judge officers if I haven't been there (personally, I try not to do that in any situation I haven't been in). But they kept asking why the officers didn't act sooner, and all that shit. And then they said that the girl's parents will probably file a lawsuit. What is wrong with people? Think about how the officers are feeling. They probably (like I said, I really don't know) are wondering if they couldn't have done anything more, and all the while you have tons of civilians saying you should have done this or that, or whatever. Kinda like how people always say officers should just shoot the arm. They never think about how hard it is to shoot a hand, how stressful the situation is anyway, and how small amount of time the officers have to make this decision.

Sorry, enough rambling for tonight

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