Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fun from Sodapop

Yep, Sodapop stuck another meme on her site, and as well know I love doing them, so here ya go:
I get 5 words and I have to post what the first thought is for each word, that enters my mind. So here we go.
military: hott guys, yummy uniforms
accountability: I have no idea what this means (second thought: my guess accountable for something, I'm pretty good at that.)
anger: not something I handle well
diet: I don't diet, I eat what I want when I want, and I still wiegh 120lbs
smoke: can't stand it, can't breathe it, hate it.

Hope that will hold you all until I'm awake enough to post about work later. It's wierd, I'm so nervous about it even though I know there's no need to be nervous, maybe it's just cause I've worked in about a month (at the center). I had to swap my jeans 4 times today, cause we have to wear jeans for concerts. And I'm very nervous about supper, cause I really don't have that much time to eat anything, so I packed some granola bars that I hope will keep me awake. Even though I know that once people start coming in the doors, I won't need anything to keep me awake, I'll be awake till I leave, and then quite a bit after I get home, even when I need to sleep.
Hope everyone else has a fun and exciting night.

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