Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hey, it's me again

So I had a CJ class tonight and this chick basically made a fool out of herself in class. We were talking about how cops have to be on their best behavior on and off duty. And she tells us this story that she was at a party and met a guy, and they were drinking and talking. Next day, she finds out he is a cop, she's with her friends who happen to have bags of alcohol, so he asked to see their ID's, they happened to be underage and got tickets for minor in possession. She felt that since she "knew" him that he shouldn't have given the tickets. Most of the class disagreed with her.
I would never want the guys I know not to enforce the law if I broke it. Just cause I know Officer so-and-so doesn't mean I shouldn't be punished if I broke the law.
I was chatting with Goddess about this, and though I do agree the officer shouldn't have been at the party with underage drinkers, this chick shouldn't have expected that she/her friends wouldn't get a ticket.
What do you all think?

So, y'all know I'm a reality show junkie (not all of them), well I watch The Amazing Race, and Survivor and of course COPS, but that's kinda different. Anyways on The Amazing Race, there's this one couple that the chick has one leg, and a prosthetic leg and she keeps going on about how she can do anything all the other people can. Well, then she uses her disability to her advantage, like when they're boarding the plane, she gets on first like she needs to. And later when they're in China (I don't remember what city), she takes a cab saying it's an emergency cause she only has one leg. She knows she's playing this thing.

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Goddess said...

Now that I hashed it out with you on IM and in my head, I can come up with my answer in less than 10,000 words;)
I don't think you should ever expect a friend who is a cop to let you off, that's putting them in an awkward position and REAL friends shouldn't do that to friends. BUT I do think he was a hypocrite for giving them a ticket when he was drinking with them the night before. See? Way less than 10k this time;)