Thursday, September 21, 2006

Swing, swing from the chariot

So, its Thursday, and I apologize that none of y'all have found anything exciting to read on here for a few days, but you know how it goes.
I was reading the Daily today, and they keep having articles about Facebook (online community, they keep sticking it with Myspace), and today they said people are getting fired because of things they say about their job. I have a tendency not to post about my jobs, unless it's something really interesting, exciting, like the Journey/Def Leppard concert. I just feel that the internet is not the place to complain about my job (go figure), I have friends I can complain to for that (lucky them). And it seems I'm right, yes I know that basically anyone can find anything on the internet, so if you complain outright about your job, and someone that works with, or is your boss reads its, you're kinda SOL.
I suppose y'all wanna know about exciting things that have happened since the 17th, well I hate to disappoint you, but you're not gonna get much. I've been swamped with school stuff, and I'm still behind (such as life, or at least mine). Oh, well, I deal, and nudge myself on, I gotta do it, no use complaining, it ain't gonna solve anything.
I'm quite amused (and annoyed) with some of the people on campus. You've all run into these people, they have those earbuds that fit nicely into their ears, and yet they have to have their music up so loud so you can hear it (words too) about 3 or 4 feet away. That to me is worse than cars with their music up loud. Cause cars are there and then they're gone, problem solved, but when you're sitting in a room with these people (or on the bus, as the case happens to be sometimes), that bothers me so much. And I think half of that is cause tiny noises seem to give me headaches so easily. Like if there's a buzzing of a machine, if I sit listening to that for hours (even sometimes 10 min), I get the most annoying headaches. Course then I stick my headphones on and listen to music, and people ask how I can do that with a headache, well most of the time, my country music helps my headaches, and the music drowns out the little noises.
The other thing is computers. I've noticed in my classes where people use computers, that you can always tell who has the computer to take notes, and doesn't really know much about them and those that do. The note-takers, never let the computer fall asleep, they always touch the mouse when it blacks out. Now, letting the screen saver come on, or letting it fall asleep is a good thing for the computer. The whole point of a screen saver is so the background, or whatever is running, doesn't imprint itself into the monitor (now I have no idea how this happens, and it may not happen as much with the newer machines, but this is what I was told, when I had my first laptop), and it falling asleep is good cause it's conserving battery power (I know some of the newer machines have longer battery lives, but some computers don't and I also know that the wireless card, which it seems everyone has in their comp, sucks the battery power). Also, there's this kid (this has happened twice now), that sits in the same building as I waiting for a class (I'm guessing), and generally at the same computer, that seems so mad when he's using it, he pounds on the keyboard, mouse, and table (which really doesn't help me using the computer), and then slams it shut when he's done. Yeah, like that's gonna help.
So, I'm excited for the weekend, actually almost all the stuff between now and Sun is good (not really excited about a few classes, but I deal well). Tonight is Survivor (yes, I like reality shows. DEAL), and CSI premiere. Tomorrow I get 3 hrs of break between my classes and I get to watch Mr. Hottie tomorrow, Men in Trees is on tomorrow night. Sat is the Hog Roast at the Harley store, only its supposed to be cold, and sun is a local art show/sale. Course its' supposed to be cold from now until sometime next week so that sucks, but...
Actually I should be used to this right? Considering where I live with our harsh winters, and I do, I just have to have the adjustment period that's required for my body, while it's switching from Summer to winter. There are some gorgeous days in the winter, when it's cold.
So, yeah, I'll see if I can have something exciting to write about next time.

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