Monday, September 25, 2006

Go bikers

"Instead of mocking him for going after them, they perhaps set their own safety aside to reach over and rescue him from a position of danger" That's taken from this article where a drunk guy threatened a group of bikers with a billiard cue and got hit by his own car. The guy was offended by the skeletons on some of thier leather Harley Davidson jackets.
So, my weekend kinda sucked. Actually not all of it, just certain parts.
Went to the Hog Roast at the Harley Store here on Sat with my friend Karli, I was kinda bummed cause we didn't stay that long, but that's life, it was actually good in the end, cause I got to go on a walk and still get a ton of reading done for school. So, yeah, got a tiny walk done back from Karli's stopped off at the grocery store and bought me some fruit Cheerios, and some Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade (doesn't sound too yummy but it is good). Ran into a friend and chatted with him and his girlfriend for awhile. Got home and did some reading, I was trying to get caught up in my classes (that didn't actually happen, I'll explain that later on). Drank one of my Mike's (if you read my earlier post, you know that), and that basically knocked me out, but considering I hadn't had supper, and I know you shouldn't drink on an empty stomach, but I wasn't going anywhere except to bed, so I decided it was ok.
Sunday, woke up at 7:30 when my mom called me to go out to breakfast. Went to Perkins to try those new 3 egg omelets they've been advertising, had the mushroom and steak one, that was really yummy, filled me right up and the steak was just perfect, nice and tender.
Went to the Art Festival around 10:30, bought me some lavender (now I don't know what to do with it), and an ornament for my mom for Christmas. Cleaned my pig's house (she smells so much nicer now), mowed both lawns (one for the last time because all the paperwork is final today, and it switches hands, I just hope they take good care of it), and then developed this nasty ass headache after that, which made it so I couldn't read, so about 6:30, went and laid down, and set my VCR up, finally went to sleep about 7:30, and woke up today about 6:30, I'm very rested.

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