Friday, September 08, 2006

The concert

Well, it was an interesting evening, course when is a concert not? Let's see we had everything that a normal concert has: wierd 80s costumes, drunk people, cops, people throwing up, lots of beer spills, broken glass, lots of complaints for relocates, fights (ok, maybe not quite), tons of people looking for the smoking patio. What else is there? Oh, there was music too.
I actually didn't get the door I signed up for, I was one the north side, which is usually pretty slow, unless it's a bball game. I think I might have had 30 people at my door.
And of course the drunks were fun to watch, after the opening act, the line to the beer stand or the id bracelets (I couldn't quite tell which it was), was pretty long. And then about halfway through the line to the ATM was long, I was thinking: now that they spent all their money on beer, they had to go get more. I was surprised the ATM didn't run out of money, someone must have come earlier and stocked that thing. Most of the drunks were just walking drunk, I did have a few entertaining ones. One guy had beers in both hands, stopped and asked a guy to help him with the door, the guy kinda looked at him, so the dude with beer, walks right up to the wall, touches it and then walks away. I was thinking, maybe you should just put those beers down and walk away. I had one chick that left (we have a policy that if you leave, you can't come back in, unless you're at the smoking patio, then you're not really leaving), and she tried to come back, I had to tell her a couple times she couldn't come in (no sympathy from me, even though she was crying), finally a couple of her friends see her and come out and start chatting with her. Apparently she didn't have her ID (cause it was with her BF), and she was 21, yeah good reason to cry.
We also had one woman (I didn't actually see this), who had 2 full beers (the cups are probably about 8 oz each) and fell down, spilling both of them, but just jumped right back up and got some more, that was probably my biggest beer spill. We had some huge spill outside the women's restroom, as well as tons inside. I heard someone threw up in one of the women's rest rooms, and there apparently was quite a bit of it. I'm guessing it was from a lady I saw, that kept covering her mouth, and I kept thinking, just go to the rest room, I really don't wanna see this, but finally she went back inside.
I also had a lady that claimed some guy hit her, that got the DPS officers and a supervisor to come to my door and chat with her, I found out later the paramedics looked at her. I had lots of people looking for the smoking patio, and after I told them, every single person asked how far, as if it would have made a difference. But I guess they thought since I was at a door, I should let them smoke, sure I could do that, but then they wouldn't be coming back in. We also had one of the beer signs break and had glass on the floor. It first came through as a broken glass, and I was trying to figure out where that would have come from since the concessions people don't give the glass bottles (for smirnoff and other stuff) to the patrons, and no one was let in with glass.
But I was surprised how quickly everyone left afterwards. Course I haven't worked a concert since the Christian thing we had (not that that was really a concert) and Slipknot before that, and that was April, so yeah it's been awhile. So the projected time for us to be done was 11:30, and that was pretty much on time. I got home at 11:45, packed my bag for today (since I came straight from class to work last night), and went to bed. And then I woke up 5 minutes before my bus and I'm slowly fully waking up now. I figured we wouldn't get done until after midnight last night.
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention all the cute guys. We had some nice looking sheriff's deputies, though I only saw them once, when I was going up to my door, saw their car a couple times. The DPS officers, one of them was cute. Older guys for the city cops. And tons of yummy looking concert goers.
Oh, and some of the costumes, I guess they decided since most of the music was 80s stuff, they should dress in 80s wear. They weren't that bad, but I know we had at least 3 guys with mullet wigs, one guy had long brown hair on the bottom and a short blond wig on top, pair that with his bleached jeans and vest, and black cowboy boots, you couldn't miss him.
I haven't quite figured out why people will pay $77 for tickets, and god knows how much for beer, and of course most everyone had to go for a smoke at least 5 times throughout the night, I was wondering how much they were missing between going out for a smoke, and getting beer.

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When will chicks learn that tears do not work on other chicks?