Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Was I strong?

Well, this week will be interesting. Let's see I'm still way behind on my criminal justice readings, and I still don't understand my philosophy class. So, I've spent at least 3 hours last night and 4 hours today trying to get caught up on my reading (I always used to think I was a fast reader, course it makes a big difference if it's a book for fun or if it's a textbook, no matter how interesting that textbook is), and I finally got the 2 chapters for today read, but I still have other previous chapters in the books I haven't read. And tonight after I get home after 8:30, I get to write a paper for my philosophy class, ah crap, just remembered I'm supposed to read a chapter for my Enviro Soc class tomorrow. And tomorrow, I have to do all my reading and homework for Fri as well as Thurs, good thing I only have 1 class Thurs. Then Thurs, I'm working the Def Leppard/Journey concert, that will get me home well after midnight (even though the projected end time is 11:30, I've been working concerts for years, I know I won't be done til midnight). So, it'll be straight to bed after getting home from that. And Fri will be a normal day. I'll probably have to mow lawns that afternoon. Lucky me. Oh, and then I signed up to work volleyball on Sat, so yeah. My weekend will be full of work and homework. I hate that.

So, Sunday wasn't too bad. Got to my aunt's around noon, my cousin, that I haven't seen in 2 years was there, I decided that if he was there, I was gonna be there. I just hate that everyone keeps asking me what I'm gonna do after I graduate in December, NO I DON'T KNOW!!! It's hard following a brother that knew exactly what he wanted when he started college, got out and 4 yrs and had a job already lined up when he got out. And then with my change in views on what I want to do, well that doesn't make it any easier. There was a time, that I knew exactly what I wanted to be (a cop), but shit changed and that's not gonna happen anymore. Course, if I could be my dream (an artist), life would be good, but life doesn't like me.

I'm also very much panicking about my classes, I haven't quite decided if they're harder than I thought, if I'm just freaked cause this is my last semester or what.
Environmental Sociology: I'm taking this to fill in extra Soc courses for my major. But, I really have no interest in enviro soc, so it's a lot of reading on something I'm not entirely caring about. Though it is interesting to listen to other people talk on the subject. But, I feel really lost in that class.
Social Psychology: This I'm taking to fulfill a requirement for my Criminal Justice major, it's proabably my easiest class. Plus it's filed under the psych dept, I took a social psych that was considered a soc class, and I've taken an intro to psych class, so it kinda overlaps on those two. I'm just annoyed that I had to spend $62 for a clicker thing for that class, it's supposed to be easier for the profs for quizzes, my prof was trying real hard to sell it, saying we could use it for the rest of our time at college, FYI: this is my last semester, just let me write my answers down on paper.
Free Will, Fate, and Moral Responsibility: Yeah, I don't understand this class, I think it will be my hardest. Course philosophy classes seem to be hard for me anyway. I signed up for this when I was considering a minor in philosophy (cause I screwed up, I really don't even like phil, i just thought you had to take 201 before 230, so then after those 2 and a required other 300-400 level class I already had 3, and you only need 5 for a minor), but I decided that 2 phil classes in one semester was too much, so this one is just here. It sounded pretty interesting, I'm just having the hardest time getting it. We alreayd had one paper turned in for it, and as we were discussing that paper, I realized I did it wrong.
Police and Society: this is for my CJ major, I wanted to take it, cause it sounded interesting. It's new this semester. It's actually pretty interesting I haven't been bored with it yet.
Criminology: This is also for my CJ major, I'm just taking it cause it also sounds fun and this is the first time I could get in.

So, yeah, I'm lost in the enviro soc and phil class, and the others are ok, it just seems like a lot.


Carrie said...

Yeah, I'm kind of freaking out about classes too. Don't worry though, everything will be fine. :)

Bobby said...

Don't sweat it. I didn't get my current "career" job until 2 years out of college.