Thursday, August 31, 2006

I got a bad desire

So, I was mowing the lawns today, and this car drives by with his base way up and so I yelled at him (cause that's what I do, I don't think the rest of the world needs to hear someone else's music, though my dad says I shouldn't yell at them, I should just not listen, yeah, when a bass/music is up that loud, there's no way you can't listen, plus I could hear it over the mower), and the guy looks at me. About a min or so later he comes back turns the corner and flicks me off, to which I retaliate with my middle finger (cause that's what I do, I don't back down). And he drove off, I kept waiting for him to come back again, maybe kinda hoping too, cause I hardly ever back down, gets me in trouble (insert eyes rolling smiley face here). Anyways, I finished the one lawn and moved on to ours. So maybe about 15 or 20 minutes passes, and I'm mowing and here comes this guy walking toward me (No, I wasn't freaked, very little freaks me out, actually I said come on babe (yeah I talk like that inside my head), you know you want some) and he apologizes. So, not what I was expecting, he said it's cause he is ornery. I only regret I didn't say he was cute (kinda looked like Kenny Chesney) and ask him his name. I think the reason he came by (and I could be wrong, happens), is that he didn't expect me to retaliate, that or he got home and vented to a roommate, or someone and they said he should go apologize. See, I know why I'm single, I drive guys away, I'm too set in my ways/strong for a guy, or I don't say shit.
I really hate it when people surprise me.


Goddess said...

He probably apologized so he could check you out at the same time;)

Bobby said...

Or he was afraid you'd track him down and beat his ass!