Thursday, August 24, 2006

Stand your ground when everyone's giving in

On one of my other blogs I was telling a friend he needed to get away from life. Well, I had my therapy in that form last night. Now I've been on 4 motorcycle rides this season, Yes it's very sad and not good enough and I'm dying inside because of it. Karli's mom, Becki, invited me to go to Bike Night in Baxter last night. So, we went, I had a liquid supper of a Mike's Cold Hard Cranberry Lemonade (sounds kinda gross, but it's not too bad), stuck around there chatting with Becki's friend, Dale. Then we left about 10, and Dale took me on a little 8 mile ride. I've decided I don't mind riding at night, except it was a little chilly in my tank top, but hell if I was gonna complain. I'm also glad I had a helmet this year (I did this same thing last year, it was a little bit earlier, before Sturgis, so it was warmer then), it nicely protected me from the breeze, which is always stronger when you're riding.
So, I read in the paper, Tuesday, I believe, that Joe Rosenthal died, that's the guy that took the famous picture of the flag raising on Iwo Jima.
Also, Pluto is no longer considered a planet, that's right, now it's only a star.

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