Saturday, August 19, 2006

I was blown away

So, as I've stated before, at this time of year my family usually goes up to a time-share condo we have for a week as a last vacation of the summer. But because school's starting on Mon, and the week of the condo this week starts today, obviously the schedules don't mesh. So, my brother and father left to go there today, and my consolation prize was to spend the weekend doing stuff with my mother. Lucky me (much sarcasm there). If you know me, you know my mother and I, well, there's some kind of rift there, and we really don't get along too much. Don't get me wrong, we've had our moments, but she has this great way of talking about shit I don't wanna talk about, and then she likes to put me down as well. So, you can bet I was less than excited to do this.
Well, today, we went to a tea room here in town, and then shopped around it afterward. And then we went to a tiny town about 5 miles north. Which I didn't really wanna do (but I'll let you in on a little secret: it was fun). Anyways, a couple years ago, 3 consignment shops moved into the downtown area here, and we've been saying we should go in and look in them. Well, I suggested we do that, and she said "I've been to the one on _____ and it's not very interesting", guess that means, I won't be interested in it. And then, she decided we weren't gonna do anything downtown, cause I could do that anyday of the week, yes I could, but I thought we were gonna do the "touristy thing here". Which I found out, there is nothing I haven't heard of in my town, so...yeah. And she decided I'm going to a movie with her tonight, a movie I have no desire to see, and of course it's always nice to go to movies with your parents. I had also suggested a rock store that's west of town, but she decided since she wasn't interested in it, we weren't going. Once again, god forbid I want to go, cause it's obviously all about you. Did I mention I'm helping her move shit at her office to get ready before the students come back Monday. Yes, I am getting paid for it, but still kinda ruins the whole, touristy thing, don't ya think.
And tomorrow is another fun filled day with my mom. Once again, tons of sarcasm in that.


Goddess said...

Ok, this post had me laughing. You guys--YOUNGSTERS--think it's soooo much fun for us parents to spend time with you and it's sooooooo stressful for you to spend time with us. I hate to break this to you, but it's just as stressful for us to be with you as it is for you to be with us. Been there, done that;)

WW said...

Yeah, but she wanted to do it. I never wanna 'hang' out with her.
If I had it my way, I'd spend the whole weekend by myself in front of the TV.