Sunday, August 27, 2006

My love will follow you everywhere.

Oh, I had the wierdest, freaky dream last night. Or at least it seemed really freaky and wierd when I woke up from it.
I was me, later in life, and I found a man I liked, and of course did those fun things that couples do, and then I was having an argument with him, and he left and then the door opened, and suddenly I was reading about this chick that had been kidnapped and it had been so long without this person (the me of before) that people had moved on with their lives, and it ended that this person, girl, was saying that she hoped she could reach them somehow. Very wierd, but I could see myself lying on a couch and reading this story that was really about me. And then I woke up very suddenly, very freaked out, and very scared. I remember thinking I was gonna be kidnapped like the me in the dream, and I remember lying there and looking all over my room, I was so freaked, I even unplugged my cell phone and stuck it in bed with me, as if it would really happen. I remember lying there, I have no idea how long, and just staring into the darkness.

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