Thursday, August 03, 2006

Look stars

Well, I almost passed out at work today. We've been shifting books (moving them, cause the journals keep getting more added to them, and we run out of space), and I was working by myself, and it's hot, and seeing as I haven't really had anything to eat today, well I almost passed out. I'm actually sitting here, waiting for my vision to return to normal, I still feel really light-headed and woozy.
I seem to be real good at fucking myself up at work. Tues when I was closing I TRIPPED UP the stairs, that's real talent right there. And if I hadn't grabbed the railing, I would have slammed my face into those stairs and probably knocked myself out. Go me in the talent department.
Yeah, I'm on that no money for food diet. I do have ~$500, but I have to save that to spend on books, once I figure out how much I need for books, and I mow a lawn, I can spend money on food. It's wierd, I just spent about $30 dollars on food at HyVee on Sunday, and I'm already out of food. That was 4 or 5 TV dinners, 2 12 packs of Vault, some donuts, a box of granola bars and some fruit/milk drinks. I can get so much more for less at Fareway.
UGH! So the summer semester of classes ends on Friday and fall starts in 2 weeks. I can't believe summer's over already. I feel old saying this feels like only yesterday I started at my internship. And now, tomorrow, I'm going to say goodbye, they're throwing me a mini party (read the director's getting a few of the volunteers to come in and say goodbye to me). Hopefully, she gave me good feedback and comments on the evaluation she turned into my advisor, we do get graded on this, and I need a nice passing grade to graduate. Though, as far as I know, she didn't have any problems with me, I always did what I was asked, there actually wasn't more than was asked of me to do. So, I should be ok. Of course it sucks not knowing what you got, and seeing as how it wasn't really a course where you're graded on tests and papers and such, I'm really not gonna know til the 9th. I hate waiting, course seeing as I'm not too worried about it, I should be OK. There's only thing that worries me (and I really hope she didn't mention this), but I'm not gonna say anything about it until after my grade is posted, in case someone who knows me, reads this and may have a hand in changing my grade. And by that time, I may have forgotten it, so it may never be posted.
Am I the only one that doesn't give a damn about Mel Gibson and his drunken arrest? Everyone's blowing it out of proportion, now I'm not saying he should have said the shit he did, but if this were a normal person. NO ONE WOULD CARE! It would just be swept under the rug, and no one would even know. This is the way I feel about celebs, I don't really give a damn about their personal lives, if they weren't celebs, it would be normal (not that it isn't), and no one would ever know. But, god forbid we not know someone almost dropped their baby, or that someone got arrested for driving drunk.

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Goddess said...

Celebs having no privacy is their own damn fault. They want our money and our support and for us to leave them the hell alone. Sorry, doesn't work that way.
I don't particularly care for Mel Gibson--I've never been a fan, but I find the entire incident interesting and I'm curious to see how this will affect his career. And his marriage.