Friday, August 25, 2006

I just think it's a nice place to relax

I was in my element tonight. Becki and I went to Porky's in DM tonight. It's a diner where bikers go, park their bikes chat and drink, so after hanging out there for awhile, Becki's friend, Dale, met us, as well as Becki's cousin, Paul. Then Paul and Dale took us over to Trophies, and we hung out there for awhile where we met up with a friend of Dale's, Randy, then Becki and I rode with Randy and Dale over to The Jungle Room where we hung out with more bikers and listened to karaoke.
I really enjoyed the short tiny rides, and hanging out at Trophies and Porky's. I love going on rides with large groups of bikers (15 or more bikes), and then getting together and just hanging out. I didn't quite enjoy the bar (the Jungle Room) that much, but just cause there was cigarette smoke, and lots of noise, so you really can't hear each other talk. But I love Porky's and Trophies.

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