Friday, August 11, 2006

Well, crap

I'm gonna be very annoyed if this makes it so I can't see Karli tonight.
I feel like crap, and not just cold/flu crap, really painful crap, course as I'm typing this it's not as bad, so hopefully it will run away.
I've got a really annoying painful sharp jabbing pain in my stomach, plus I'm very nauseated and feeling like I'm gonna puke. I haven't thrown up in like months if not a whole year. I feel if I move or do too much of anything I will pass out or puke. Lucky me.
And like I said, I'm planning on seeing Karli this evening, I have to mow at least one lawn tomorrow morning, and I hope to go to the state fair tomorrow evening. If this goes and messes up any of these plans I will be very disappointed to say the least.

And then magically it's gone, only took it 40 min, stupid body.

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