Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My life is boring

Just a couple new things that I didn't wanna stick on the other blog. I stuck them in blue, so if you didn't wanna read the whole thing again, you don't have to.

So, it's geting to the end of the summer, that usually means three things for me: Iowa State Fair, week up north, and of course, classes starting.
I think the State Fair is the one thing that hasn't become less fun as I get older (of course, I don't really remember going as a kid, so that could have something to do with it, or at least not going for fun, I went a few times when my 4-H stuff), I remember going with my aunt and her family when I was younger. I remember one year, my uncle and I were having a contest of who could collect the most promotional magnets. I like going to the fair, there's never been a time, where I've gone that I haven't had fun, even when I only went for 4-H stuff. Course it seems to be more fun when I go with friends (not quite sure why). Two years ago, I went with a couple people I met online, I remember I told them all the stuff I wanted to do and we did it. Last year I went with Karli, because she had won tickets to Big & Rich, and took me along. This year, looks like I won't be going, that kinda bums me out. I don't know of anyone else who is going, it's just no fun to go by yourself.
My grandparents had a timeshare condo up in a town 4 hrs north, for a week at the end of the summer, and I remember going there as a little kids, the four of us and my dad's parents. We have some great pictures from that place. I'm not quite sure when my dad got it, but both my dad's parents are gone now, and it's really nice to go up there and reminisce. Also, a place that doesn't get boring as I get older. There's always a couple places that have been there as long as I can remember, and thankfully are still there now. I'm gonna miss going this year. It just doesn't mesh with our schedules, classes start on the 21st, and as far as I know the week we've had up there has nicely always fallen on the week before classes start, but this year, it starts on the 19th. We could drive up Sat and drive back Sun, but that's a ton of driving for just 2 days. I have a class at 9 on Mon, otherwise we might be able to stay longer. I'm really gonna miss that this year.
And classes start soon. I'm almost looking forward to that (I know I'll regret saying that later), but I'm so bored right now. My internship ended on Friday (yes, I passed, kinda sucks we do it for a grade, but...), and I'm ready to have a nice structured schedule and stuff to do. I wanna work on my classes so I won't have to worry when grades come out. I didn't wanna stick that on my other blog, cause my parents will hold me to that, even if I'm already pushing for it, it will be too much pressure. This I know, my mom loves to put pressure on me.
Course, fall coming also means the return of shows. So, that will be fun, I think I've cut back a little, with shows I've decided I won't get hooked to this season, and one's that were cancelled. So, with luck, I'll be tuning back in for Medium, The Unit, Bones, CSI, Supernatural, Cops, Cold Case and the Amazing Race. I think it would actually be more productive for me (and a bonus at the end of the week), to tape them, and then watch them on the weekend. That way, I wouldn't have to worry about getting shit done before watching them, and then I'd have a nice bonus at the end of the week. Only bad thing, two of my shows are on at the same time, on the same day, so that's always rough.
I'm just so bored with my life right now. Same shit every day. Get up, piddle around til I go to work. Sit there and read for about 3 hours. Come home, go on a walk (which really isn't boosting my mood lately, it's just a way to get off my ass and out of the house), watch some TV, go to bed. Every day. Sometime next week, I will be going to the bookstore to give my money away. Then I'll see what wonders I get to delve into this fall. That's kinda half the reason I want classes to start, see more people, and, hopefully, not be bored all the time.
Hopefully I'll get back into a structured schedule as well. Not that my schedule isn't that structured now as you can see above, but I need more to do.

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