Wednesday, August 04, 2010

What's on Your Workspace Wednesday

Welcome to What's on Your Workspace Wednesday, if you don't know what that is, hop over to Julia's blog and check it out.
Since this is my first time doing this on this blog, I have a little introduction for you:
This is my house. See those 2 windows on the 3rd floor, that's where I live, in a separate apartment from the first two floors. It includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom and a tiny bathroom, plus 5 closets. My craft closet is one of those.
This is my craft closet. It has a sloping ceiling, because it's under the eaves of the house, and way too much stuff for such a tiny space. I'm in the process of cleaning it, and will show you my progress each week (now I have to do it, right?), who knows what I'll do with all the stuff I decide I don't need. That steamer trunk is about 3 ft long by 1 ft tall (it's a tiny bit hard to get a good measurement) and holds all the stuff I have for sale on Etsy. The smaller one on top of it holds all my alterable material like books, various boxes, and some random background pieces. The gray unit on top has quite a few little drawers and at the moment holds all my beads. The white unit and blue unit just hold miscellaneaous stuff at the moment, and all those boxes on the floor, I'm not entirely sure what they hold.
This is my dresser that I had when I was a little kid, it used to have pink bows stenciled on it. It measures about 4 ft long by 2.5 ft tall. Starting on the top left hand drawer and going down, the drawers hold: 1. tissue paper/lutrador; 2. stickers; and 3. fabric and ribbon. Starting at the top right hand side and going down: 1. plain cardstock; 2. any kind of patterned paper, I have both 12x12 sheets and 8.5x11 sheets in there; and 3. my stamps. This probably the most organized piece in my closet.
Here's another view at all the boxes on the floor. See that big roll of ribbon, that box holds what I won from Wanda's birthday giveaway. You can see a box of ATC sized cards and an orange bag of ribbons I bought at a garage sale as well. And the blue tin at the bottom still holds most of the stuff I got from Wanda in the Treasured Tin swap.
Another view, in the left corner, you can see a tub, that tub holds all my 'tools'. I use this term lightly as it includes pretty much my essentials other than stamps and papers. I have ink pads, heating tool, embossing powder, my paper cutter, decorative scissors and other stuff.
Also, you can see the table covered in a purple plastic table cloth, that I pull out into my hallway to play on.
Once I moved that table this morning, a bunch of things fell over, my button drawer that you can see fell over and spilled all over the floor (some even rolled down my stairs), under the table which you can't see are 2 tiny drawers for another plastic bin that fell over on Monday, one filled with Prima flowers, and another with some leaf sequins, also my ATC box fell over and poured everything out. Looks like I know where I'm starting on this clean-up job. I thought I was doing good when i cleaned out enough space to get the table in there.
Oh well, at least everything fits in my space.
Check out Julia's blog for more WOYWW, and my other blog for another post.
Thanks for coming by, and I love comments.


JoZart said...

I am seriously going to enjoy snooping round your space. Wish I was near as I'd soon tell you where all you don't want could go!! If you clear it up it won't take long to get back to it's original state, I can tell you from hard experience.
Gorgeous House BTW!!
Jo x

Serendipity Stamping said...

Oh Wendy what a glorious home you live in and your craft area is a treausre trove of goodiues. As a transplanted Iowa/Illinois girl will you tell me the name of your town? I moved to Florida from Pleasant Valley, my home was right on the Mississippi River. Just in case you don't know where P.V. is located it is just up river from Davenport/Bettendorf. You can leave me a comment or e-mail me. On the list I am Jan M. Hope to hear from you. I really miss seeing all the older homes in the area.

Serendipity Stamping said...

It's me again, sitting here playing a little game with myself about where you live. You galavant around Iowa like my girlfriend & did. I know the whereabouts of Boone, the Amana Colonies (been there many times), and from the stores you have been to my guess would be Des Moines or close by. Not many Hobby Lobbys around.

Sue said...

Hi ya
gorgeous house, wow so much craft stuff,look forward to next weeks pics, have great day, sue,x

mckinkle said...

Beautiful house! And such a lot of amazing crafting goodness! It will be great to see the progress over the weeks!
Good luck!
Keryn x

Helen said...

What a great house! But you sure have some sorting out to do - keep us posted please, and good luck!

Studio JRU said...

Beautiful home! You have so many great creative supplies here! Love it! :)


jonaks said...

you've got a lovely home! welcome to woyww! I'm also a newbie this week.

Sid said...

Fab house and my word ! Your stash is positively jumping out of those drawers !!

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh as soon as I saw your house I was reminded of the film Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe - what a cool house to live in! love the steamer trunk too. Fabulous mooch around your room - thanks for sharing.

Heather x said...

Great workspace pics hun :0)
*hugs* Heather x

Violets Corner said...

Gorgeous house and so much craft stuff!


Brenda said...

Beautiful house! love all your stash too, but it does need a tidy up! You have a great lot of stash though.


Spyder said...

yayyy! sorry took two days to get the comments to come up!! wowo what a messy craft room!! you beat me!! (i'm so glad) but think what it will look like when tidy-ish" My daughter lived in a house very sim to yours, but blue and a bit smaller, very nice although we only saw it when she was moving out and in a bit of a mess! have a good woyww (on friday!)

Phree said...

Gorgeous house! Good luck with the craft space tidy up, looking forward to seeing your "after" pics next week.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The reason I'm so late commenting and welcoming you to WOYWW is because I've spent all this time snooping at all your stuff. You have some serious boxes of goodies there. I will truly enjoy seeing how you get it all cleaned and tidy over the next few weeks. And yes, NOW you MUST do it again. I really love that house you live in too

Julia Dunnit said...

Well WW, welcome to WOYWW - talk about making an entrance! The house is glorious, must make you smile to get home! Love your closet space - and I 'm sorry to say that WOYWW is never a good enough reason for me to tidy up! The thing is - when you've finished it;s because you have no more time..unless you stop what you're doing a half early every time for tidy up time..and I mean - how do you know when to stop?!!!

Chrissie said...

Wow! Beautiful house and heaps of stash! Great combo!

The Paper Princess said...

Welcome to WOYWW Wendy!
What an awesome house you have -
look forward to seeing your weekly progress in your craft room!