Friday, August 13, 2010

New finds this week

OK, I'm linking to Debbiedoos Garage Salen party #12 today, I figured I should have done this a long time ago, as I've been going to garage sales all summer. And I might have some more purchases to show, that I guess will have to be linked to next weeks party, as I'm going up north for the weekend, I'll talk about that in a later post tonight.
Today, mom and I went to a church sale, only sale in my neighborhood today, there's one tomorrow I hope I can check out before I head out of town.
This is from an Uncle Wiggly's board game, and after I got the box with the pieces home I realized the game board was there separate and I should have bought it, but I honestly have no idea what I would have done with it. Above are some cards and people pieces from the box. I got the whole box shown below for 25 cents, everything at this sale that wasn't priced was a quarter. Of course, while I was there, there was a lady going around looking at stuff and then pricing it if it wasn't priced, I thought that kinda defeated the quarter thing.
Here's looking at the box for Uncle Wiggly's game pieces. You can see dice, some plastic pieces, the robin's egg blue and cream pieces are wooden, and that sparkly looking blue piece is a button. I would have paid a quarter just for the button. I never knew there was a game, but I do remember my brother having a book about Uncle Wiggly, who was a smart rabbit.
And here are the other items I bought. Those cute gloves are knitted or crocheted, they are kids gloves, but looked like the little white gloves people used to wear all the time, they were $.25. The tiny little Santa figurine was $.25, I'm going to give it to my mom for Christmas, providing I don't lose it before then. The silver bowl, that measures about 3.5" across was $1.00, I seem to be getting a tiny collection of silver stuff, so I'm posting a Silver Sunday post this week, that I'll post right after this one, so check it out. The rubber brayer at the top was $.75, I've been wanting one for awhile, so that was a good deal. And the doily was $1.00 as well, I love crocheted doilies, they're so fun to collect.
So my full haul was $3.50, pretty good deal for those cute items.


Debbie said...

That game is so adorable...I think I kinda remember it but not sure. Cute other goodies is so much fun to see what everyone gets. Thanks so much for joining, glad you did. Please visit a few others as well, so they come to you too...:) Have fun!!~ Debbie

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Boy, there is nothing better than a church sale! Gloves, doiley's and game pieces SCORE! I am visiting from Debbiedoos.