Monday, August 02, 2010

A few of my favorite things find at garage sales. So now that I've been to quite a few and totally look forward to the weekend when I can visit more, I've decided there are some definite things I LOVE finding and adding to collections I never knew I wanted.
I love finding handkerchiefs: This pink one I found at an antique store in Boone on my birthday, the green stuff on top is tatting. I would love to create some kind of fabric collage some day.
Tea cups, or at least tiny little cups. This one I got in June some timp, I'm pretty sure it's some kind of pitcher as it has a spout, but it was still cute and a really good price.
Crocheted or knitted (I don't really know the difference) things. I have no idea when I got this, but isn't it cute? Also, I have been using some of the plain cream ones as stencils with my new glimmer mists (read about those on my other blog).
Another crocheted or knitted thing, I've already used this one as a stencil and now it is a nice light teal color.
Once again with the tiny teacups. This was my first one and it has a nice matching plate. I remember it was $3.00, maybe a little steep, but I thought it was so cute.
Here's another hankerchief. I got this one at a sale that had quite a few, I believe the whole box was $3.00 for about 20, but I only really liked this one, and I partially regret sending it to my Vintage Tin partner, but I know I'll find something else cool soon.
Another thing, which I guess I don't have a picture of is jewelry, mostly pins. And they have to look really cool, I don't but the gaudy looking things. I love getting any of the above items for under $5.00. Unfortunately I haven't found any really cool buys in awhile. But, it seems July isn't a great month for garage sales, it's the in between month, people are busy with other things. June, the summer is just starting out, people are cleaning out places. August, the first is moving day here, so if not last weekend, they're might be some really good ones this weekend, closer to the end of the month, college starts and soon after that the rest of the schools here, so might see more school stuff. But, I still have a month before the end of the season.
I also have a couple stores here in town to browse through, one an antique mall that covers two floors and plenty of different spaces to look through, I'm thinking of visiting that sometime this week, the other one a consignment shop (that brings up a question for people, what's the difference between a consigment store and a thrift store, or is thrift store the new name now?), that's ok with prices, but sure fun to browse. There's another one that's been here about 2 months that I haven't gotten to yet, it's clothes, and I get to walk by it every day on my way to and from work, and their window displays are very cute, I should get there before summer ends to see if they have any cute summer dresses for good prices.
And now I really need to finish some charms for a swap on one of my yahoo groups, they're due Friday, and I decided they need to be in the mail today (along with some other items I need to mail).

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River Glorious said...

HI, WW. :)

Your doilies, well, they both look crocheted to me. Knitting stitches look mostly like a V, but crochet looks lacier and more delicate, in my opinion.

Very nice doilies you obtained. :)

Ambar in Puerto Rico