Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010 Flood update

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Just a little update on the flood here. Found out there were actually 8 different water main breaks. We're not supposed to drink the water and to boil it before we do anything where it will come in contact with mouths. We're supposed to use toilets very infrequently. I was informed tonight that we may not have water until sometime next week. I'm well stocked with bottled water at the moment.
The Skunk River crested sometime in between 6 and 7 tonight at 26 feet in south Ames, and 18 feet in north ames. The University is closed tomorrow due to the water problems.
My house isn't affected except for a little wetness in the basement, I live in the high part of town and have access to grocery stores and a walmart, so pretty much anything I need (except running water at the moment) I can get, unfortunately I'm also kinda on an island. I did find out at least one street going north is open, so that's good.
I would really appreciate any prayers and good thoughts to clean up the city and of course get the water running again.

Thanks all.

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was watching the weather this morning (we are in the PINK, which is NOT good) and saw your "little town" as the headliner. They showed video that included the Wal-Mart and Target. Your photo of the person waving did not make the video, so you should send that shot to the news people. Hope you know how to swim or maybe know how to build an ark (grin).