Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm losing my mind

My mood's been off lately, for at least a couple of months. I keep saying it's because I'm waiting to find that really great buy at a garage sale or antique mall, but when I went to Lake Okoboji last weekend, I found some great handkerchiefs and a nice photo album (see previous posts), but I still didn't feel better. I would love to buy some more crafting supplies, but I know I already have enough.
I could blame it on being wicked busy at work and tired after work, but that would have only been from last week. I started full time at the book store again last Tuesday, and I love working there, don't get me wrong, but some days working from 9AM to 6PM standing, is a very long day. I wonder if it's the stress of knowing the other store I work at is closing sometime (probably soon) and I'll have to worry about finding another job. And the fact that my parents now know about it and have been telling me about every help wanted sign they have seen, and asking me what I want to do with my life since I'm now at a cross roads again.
I guess I just need a job that pays a ton whether I want like it or not.
I could also blame it on not really doing anything this summer. I haven't really been in water since Hawaii (that was Jan), I guess Kevin and I walked through the flood waters 2 wks ago Wed. I haven't really gone out and done anything outside this summer. The only time I'm outside is to do errands or go to work. I don't have any close friends here in Ames, and Kevin's been working 7 days a week since July (actually since he started back up in April, but he had some days off over the 4th of July).
I suppose I could also blame it on things falling through lately too. Kevin's work generally pays for their employees to spend a day at Adventureland in Des Moines, but they didn't do that this year. I kinda wanted to go to the State Fair this year too, and I had a chance when my brother said he'd be in town, but he (and miscommunication with my parents) got dates messed up, then he got a great business opportunity in Europe, so of course he jumped on that. Then, someone told me that if it was nice in the evenings last week (which I thought it was) they would call and we could go, but that didn't happen.
I am wondering if it's more on the job front though, like I said I've been somewhat depressed for a few months, and I was told June 1st (or around there), that the store would be closing at the end of that month. And I have found my mind drifting to something it hasn't drifted to in awhile, and that scares me.
By the way, the pictures are from Okoboji, those are the views I had off our balcony of the condo.

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lovely photos there

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