Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pink Saturday

It's Pink Saturday again, and I regret to say, I don't have any new pink items this week, these are some random things from garage sales this summer.
A cute crocheted doily (which I don't know if I have anymore, I might have sent it out with my birthday giveaway, honestly I have no idea).
That cute little vase has tiny pink flowers all around it. I love little tiny bottles, I have no idea what I will do with them, but I still love them.
And this handkerchief I bought last weekend up in Okoboji (north Iowa), has a little pink embroidery on it. I love old embroidered handkerchiefs especially the ones with the lace on the edge.
Check out Beverly's site to see more Pink Saturday items, I'll try to get around to people this weekend, I was at Okoboji all last weekend away from computers, and after I got back, it seems I've been working non stop. I love comments.


Rebecca said...

Hey-you've got pink and that's all that matters and garage sale finds are the best! Happy PS!

LV said...

I enjoyed your post and all your pink finds. It does not matter where we get our pinks. Yours certainly turned out very nicely.

Candi said...

I so enjoyed your post and your goodies. Your pinks are lovely.

Jean said...

Happy belated pink day. Too cute the doily. Love it.