Friday, August 13, 2010

Going up north

OK, last post for today, I promise, probably the last post until sometime next week.
The flood/water situation. It seems that almost all roads are open, one I heard sustained quite a bit of damage on the road, so it's still closed. Apparently people aren't conserving water as much as the city needs to refill the water towers, so it might be a little bit longer before we can drink water. I'm stocked up on bottled water, I don't flush as much (which by the way is kinda gross), I took a very short shower last night, I was going to wait longer, but I just felt so gross.

I'm going to go to our condo on Lake Okoboji this weekend. Originally, my brother was supposed to go up for our week, which is usually the last week in August, but since the schedule is a little off, it all depends on how January starts out, he got his dates mixed up. And it turns out my aunt, and cousin and her kid wanted to go for the weekend, and I happen to have the weekend free, so we're going to have a little girls weekend. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to get there, so we're leaving in the morning tomorrow. Check in is usually about 4pm, so we'll have a little time before we check in, but there's always plenty to do.
I've decided I want to shop and go swimming as my main priorities, since we're really only going to be there about 2 days, I have to work at 1 on Monday, so we have to leave early up there. Our condo is right next to the mall, a little further down is a strip mall across from the amusement park (which I haven't been too in ages, haven't been to the condo in 3 years). I'd love to also go to an antique mall there and a thrift store, I'd like to go to the scrapbooking store too and another shop close to it, but it's not within walking distance and we all know I don't need more artsy stuff.
I will take plenty of photos for you all to enjoy, our condo looks right over the lake, downstairs you can jump right into it off the dock.

Starting on Tuesday, I will be working full time at UBS because the college kids are coming back, so between that job, the library and the store I will most likely have very little free time during the week. I do have to finish the bird swap for one of my yahoo groups, and I do have two swaps due on the 30th, and another one due in Sept. I guess I'll have to see how busy I am next weekend, I know one day I'll be working at UBS.

Now you know where I'll be if you don't see me here.


Julia Dunnit said...

Have a great trip - if you haven't been in 3 years, you may see some changes!

Linda Elbourne said...

I did n't play this week because I won't get the chance to visit everyone ... I have a $50 shopping spree up for grabs though ... if you get chance please pop by ... I don't want any of my fellow WOYWWers to miss out!