Saturday, August 28, 2010

Garage sale finds.

Some of my garage sale finds this week:
The book was 25 cents, the set of silver coasters was $5.00, the little glass jar was 10 cents, the white scarf was $1.00, and the little orange pouch was 5 cents. I think I'm going to use the scarf in some kind of fabric collage.
The "diet award" was 75 cents, I'm planning on painting over it and using it for a collage background. The square thing was labeled as a lamp finial and was 25 cents, not quite sure what I'll be doing with that, but it is pretty cool looking. Below that is a box that was $1.00, and two heart pins for 25 cents each.
The blue doily was 25 cents, the bunch of flowers was $1.00, the square doily was 25 cents, the handkerchief was 25 cents and the green glass was $2.00.
Head on over to Debbiedoo's for more finds.


Debbie said...

I love those doilies...they are so cute. The diet book, can I borrow that? What a neat find, glad you will find another use for it. Thanks for joining in. Debbie

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You got some fab finds for some great prices! Love the green depression glass. The dollies are so cute but love love the handkerchief!