Thursday, December 05, 2013

New Toy and other stuff

So, I'm having issues with Microsoft Word and I'd really like a new version, my brother said it would cost just about as much to just buy Microsoft Office. The other day we were sitting at the table discussing this, and he and my father said I should just take one of their old computers, which has been upgraded to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010, as Microsoft will not be supporting Vista that much longer.
So, Tuesday, Dad gives me mom's laptop (by way of my brother) to try out while she's trying out my brother's Windows tablet. I don't like it, I've only had it for a couple days, but other than how fun it is to type on it, I really don't like it. There's no battery power, OK, I take that back, there's about 10 minutes when it's fully charged and then it dies. So, I can use it while I'm sitting on my bed, but then I can't do anything on the internet, because the wireless signal isn't that strong. Right now, it's plugged into my power strip, and I moved my keyboard out of the way so I could sit it on my desk. It also hums, which I just cover up with music, so easy fix. It also keeps telling me the security isn't turned on, and then magically it's turned on and working fine. And sometimes the screen brightens and fades a little, not a ton, just enough to be annoying.
A few years ago, I asked for a new laptop, so I wouldn't have to sit in my somewhat uncomfortable desk chair so much, I got a Kindle Fire, which isn't bad, but I can't post on my blog, I can't do anything with pictures, and I can't browse Etsy like I want to. I thought having a laptop (this hand me down twice one), would solve those problems, that would be great. But, when does the world work like I'd like it too?
So, I signed up for a few Holiday gift swaps. I have to mail one tomorrow, so I was wrapping the presents and then thought I'd just keep going with other presents I have around. I'm getting so close. Why does Christmas have to be 20 days away? I want it now. I'm always ready way too early, after watching my parents wait and get stressed over the holidays, I try not to do that. Sometimes, I start shopping in January (there are some great sales then), especially when my mother collects Santas, and my brother reindeer, Christmas time is about the only time those come out. I also get way too excited about Christmas, and then it lets me down. I do that with my birthday too. I don't know if I still have a little kid living in me or what.
I'm sorry I don't have any cool pictures to show you. I'm on the laptop, I have to download Picasa before I can do anything with pictures, and I'm not too excited about this computer, so I probably won't keep it.
If only they could just buy me a new laptop, instead of giving me hand me downs. But we don't always get what we want in life. At least I have a working computer, I technically have two, so I have way more than I need, I am grateful for that.

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